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New User Interface for Exim and Courier E-mail Servers

May 07
13:32 2010

Web Host NewsNewark, DE – AfterLogic today released a bundled messaging and collaboration solution for Linux, furnishing a modern Ajax interface for Exim and Courier MTA systems.

The package, dubbed AfterLogic MailSuite Pro for Linux, is based on established “gold standard” technologies that have earned acceptance by the open source community and commercial users through the years. What’s new is the slick WebMail interface, which includes shared calendars and an extended address book, as well as a simplified web-based control panel for basic system administration.

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“Clients typically look for a complete e-mail and collaboration package, something that would be simple to install and easy to manage. And especially where e-mail is concerned, users demand that a messaging solution is built on a rock solid foundation. So we’ve selected some of the most trustworthy and popular open source components and unified them under a common management umbrella. Integral to the overall package is our own flagship product, AfterLogic WebMail Pro, which is widely used all over the world, and is available in 20 languages, including support for Asian scripts and right to left text,” said Vlad Klimenko, Project Manager at AfterLogic.

“Also, gone are the days of high licensing fees. Many enterprise clients are experiencing budget cuts, and hosting providers have to work with ever shrinking margins. By basing the underlying technology stack on tried and true open source software, we are able to provide a product of the highest quality without the need to collect exorbitant fees, especially at a time when clients can least afford them,” he said.

The collaboration suite was put together by AfterLogic using a time tested approach of selecting the best of breed software, in compliance with accepted technology standards. Adherence to standards by the authors of each component allows integrators to loosely couple independent systems and make them work together without intermingling source code. The result may be compared to an assembled jigsaw puzzle where a larger picture emerges even though each piece remains autonomous. The same holds true in the IT world. While each layer of the technology platform could operate independently, the assembled system offers the benefits of a comprehensive integrated solution.

At the core of AfterLogic MailSuite Pro for Linux is a fully preconfigured mail server based on Exim SMTP and Courier IMAP/POP3 MTA. Also included are anti-spam and anti-virus systems, Ajax-based WebMail interface, sharable calendars with collaborative features, address book, integration API, and a web-based administration console. The system is optimized for Red Hat based Linux, such as CentOS. A detailed product description is available at AfterLogic’s web site:

Software may be downloaded at the following URL:

About Exim
Exim is a message transfer agent (MTA) originally developed at the University of Cambridge for Unix-like operating systems. Its first version was released in 1995, and the project has been actively evolving ever since. Through the years, Exim has earned recognition for its outstanding security record and solid performance. The software is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

About Courier IMAP server
Courier IMAP was developed as a standalone MTA intended to be used with other mail servers. It includes a highly scalable built-in IMAP and POP3 aggregation proxy, designed to handle high volume of client connections. Distributed under the GNU General Public License, Courier IMAP is one of the most popular and well regarded e-mail server solutions for Linux.

About AfterLogic
AfterLogic Corporation is a Newark, Delaware based technology company specializing in developing e-mail related applications and components. AfterLogic’s products are globally distributed and used by some of the largest and most recognized businesses, NGOs and governmental agencies. In addition to MailSuite Pro, products licensed by AfterLogic include WebMail Pro, and MailBee.NET Objects. AfterLogic WebMail Pro is a feature-rich web server application, which allows users to access their e-mail and to manage shared calendars over the Internet via a standard browser interface. MailBee.NET Objects is a set of .NET components widely used by developers to mail-enable their applications. In addition to developing and distributing their own line of e-mail related software, AfterLogic provides professional services, including custom programming, with major focus on e-mail related projects.

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