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eCommerce Provider Offers Help for Merchants Comparing eCommerce Solutions

May 05
09:35 2010

Web Host NewsRedmond, WA – EPORIA eCommerce is a conversion-focused eCommerce provider that helps online merchants take their web presence to the next level. EPORIA announced today the release of a free whitepaper that discloses the methodology to identify eCommerce providers that will bring the most significant value for the company’s unique needs – whether or not it’s EPORIA.

This whitepaper lays out a 5 step methodology to guide the eCommerce Solution shopping process and to quantify the value of potential solutions.

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The goal of this paper is to demystify the experience for every eCommerce solution shopper and enable every business to hone in on the type of solution that will best suit their particular requirements.

The EPORIA staff speaks with many companies who are in the process of shopping for their next eCommerce solution. Recently, as the economy has become more tenuous, a pattern has emerged in the messages from online merchants.

According to EPORIA CEO Doug Adams, there are two overwhelming points that dominate conversations. The first is that it is difficult to distinguish one solution from another and to identify which would be the best fit for their business. “Every provider presents their solution differently,” Adams explains. “eCommerce shoppers become lost in all the features of the solutions. They just want to find a way to compare the contenders, apples to apples.”

The second common message, says Adams, is the fear of regret. The majority of the merchants to whom EPORIA speaks already has an eCommerce website, but seeks a change of provider. This is indicative of a common problem: disappointment in the performance of the website or its ease of management. Many invested in their current system because it promised easy SEO for massive organic traffic, simplified management or increased sales.

“They tell us they’ve been burned,” Adams says. “They don’t want to make the same mistake again but they just don’t know how to be sure they’re making a wise investment this time.”

This new whitepaper takes the pain out of the eCommerce solution comparison shopping process by covering the various sources of value a solution might bring, beyond initial price or sales goals. Rather than touting the prowess of any offering over another, it guides merchants through their own internal preparation, research, and decision making stages.

“We want online merchants to find the eCommerce solution that is the best fit for their business,” Adams states, “whether that solution is EPORIA or not.” In these tight times, EPORIA has set out to do something positive for the tech shopping community at large. This unusual act was spawned by the current financial climate and increasing complexity of eCommerce offerings available now. EPORIA took the initiative to help, by offering this blueprint for the eCommerce solution shopping process.

The five-steps presented in the whitepaper guide eCommerce buyers in selecting their ideal provider. By following these steps, companies are empowered to identify the solutions that will best meet their needs and deliver the highest return on investment for them. In the process, they will likely gain a much deeper understanding of what they truly need in a solution, and how to set their expectations for ROI.

According to Adams, “the right eCommerce provider will help grow the business. No matter what state the economy is in, every company should find significant, quantifiable value in this type of investment.”

Download the free whitepaper, titled “Quantifying the Value of eCommerce Solutions for Your Greatest Return on Investment” from

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