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Layered Technologies Launches New Cloud Storage Solution

March 26
16:11 2010

Web Host NewsPLANO, Texas – Layered Technologies, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of on-demand and cloud computing IT infrastructure, today launched its new cloud storage solution called LT Depot, which is powered by the Mezeo™ Cloud Storage Platform.  LT Depot gives customers the ability to create and select scalable, reliable and secure storage for their application and storage needs without incurring significant capital expense.

LT Depot provides customers the extended advantages of sharing and collaboration regardless of their physical location.  Users can create, manage and securely share files via the Web with their desktop and laptop computers, and with Layered Tech’s unique LT Depot application, users can connect to virtually unlimited cloud storage via a range of mobile devices.  LT Depot also encrypts data in transit and in storage, so customers can meet their compliance/retention requirements.

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“Layered Tech has been at the forefront of cloud storage for years, and we have evolved our cloud storage approach to align with changes in technology and customer needs so that we can continue delivering high availability, affordable business services,” said Terrance Bush, COO and CIO of Layered Tech.  “LT Depot is our latest strategic advancement and our most complete and flexible cloud storage solution to date.  By leveraging the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform, we can give our customers a massively scalable, highly secure and reliable cloud storage technology that supports file sharing, collaboration and other needs.”

LT Depot includes advanced features such as secure file sharing with the LT Depot File Manager.  Using the intuitive, rich Web 2.0 interface, customers can upload files of any type and size and instantly share them, as well as create or recreate a hierarchical file structure with folders and documents just like on a computer.  LT Depot also provides tagging tools to group, organize and locate any file type anywhere in the cloud, and its online recycle container allows for the recovery of accidentally deleted files.

“Layered Tech has long been a leader in the cloud computing space, and recognizes that their customers are looking for an affordable, reliable solution with advanced services that further increases the value of cloud storage,” said Steve Lesem, President and CEO of Mezeo Software.  “The Mezeo-based LT Depot offering is ideal for both Layered Tech’s direct customers and for their partners, who can quickly deploy a scalable, reliable branded service offering of their own.”

About Layered Technologies
Layered Technologies is a leading global provider of managed dedicated hosting, on-demand virtualization/cloud computing and Web services.  By providing high-quality technology, infrastructure and support, Layered Tech enables customers to eliminate capital expenses and save on operating costs while focusing on core business issues.  Layered Tech’s scalable infrastructure powers millions of sites and Internet-enabled applications including e-commerce and software as a service (SaaS).  Our clients range from leading-edge Web 2.0 startups, successful mid-sized enterprises and some of the world’s largest consultancy and integration firms.  For more information about Layered Technologies, please visit or call 1-866-584-6784.

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