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Hivelocity Adds Intelligent Route Optimization to Multi-Homed Network

March 19
10:53 2010

Web Host NewsTampa, FL – Dedicated server hosting provider, Hivelocity, announced this week they have further enhanced their multi-homed network by enabling intelligent route optimization technology.  Offered as a subscription service from Internap, the route optimization technology allows Hivelocity to take full advantage of the routing paths and peering of all four of its upstream providers, which include Level 3, Global Crossing, Time Warner Telecom and Cogent.  Since early March when the technology was deployed, data has been flowing from the Hivelocity network faster than ever before.

Most hosting providers that can tout having a multi-homed network typically utilize only Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) routing when choosing data paths.  What makes Hivelocity’s optimized routing abilities superior from simple BGP4 is the route optimization technology’s consideration of historical traffic routing data, real time Internet congestion and real time provider outages when choosing a final route for the data to flow.  If any problems are detected on the initial path, the route optimization technology will simply reroute the traffic to the upstream network that provides the best performance and availability at that point in time.

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“In laymen’s terms, our routers will always utilize the quickest path available among our four carriers to pass traffic to its final destination,” says Hivelocity General Manager Steve Eschweiler.  “Right now our customers should notice traffic from their servers and web sites moving faster than ever.  Downloads from their sites and servers should be faster than ever.  Most importantly, Hivelocity network end users should be more impressed than ever with our customers’ online presence.”

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