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Go Daddy Registers its 40 Millionth Domain Name

March 10
09:44 2010

Web Host NewsSCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – The Go Daddy portfolio surpassed 40 million domain names today.  This marks an important Internet milestone and also demonstrates the significant role the Web plays in the ‘new economy.’

“The Internet is the heart of the new economy,” said Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons.  “The Internet is one of the few sectors showing monumental growth and Go Daddy is positioned in the sweet spot of the expansion. Think about it, to have your own Web site, you need a domain name and no one can deliver on a domain like Go Daddy. Our growth is essentially a window into what’s happening with the Internet.”

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Since 2000, Internet usage has exploded, growing from 361 million users to more than 1.7 billion users.[1]  During that same time, domain name registrations grew at an even faster rate. In recent years, as the economy sputtered, the domain name industry has thrived. Consider this: for the last two consecutive years, Go Daddy has been registering, renewing or transferring a domain name at the rate of one every second of every day.

Go Daddy typically registers a million domain names per month, which was an Internet ‘first’ initially recorded by Go Daddy back in April 2007. Go Daddy now holds a near 50 percent market share of all active new domains registered in the world and is more than three times the size of its closest competitor.

The 40 million-milestone comes as the Internet prepares to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the .COM domain extension.  “Go Daddy is one of the pioneers that has elevated domain names into the mainstream consciousness,” said Mark McLaughlin, VeriSign CEO.  “We’ll be highlighting their story as part of our upcoming dot-COM twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations.”

“Over the next twenty-five years, I see the Internet growing exponentially,” said Parsons. “Think about it, whether you are communicating, learning or conducting business, being on the Internet is where it’s all happening. I’d say if you aren’t online with your business, you really aren’t in the game.”

It’s difficult to argue with Parsons’ prediction, when you consider, at the height of the .COM bubble bursting, almost exactly ten years ago to the day, there were a mere 17 million domains registered worldwide. Today, Go Daddy has more than twice that number of domain names in its portfolio alone.

Go Daddy’s growth is benefiting people looking for jobs right now too. As businesses linked to industries like home sales, manufacturing and publishing struggle in today’s economic climate, Go Daddy has stood out as one of the few companies growing and in ‘hiring mode.’ The domain name registrar and Web host provider proudly refuses to offshore a single customer care position and has hired hundreds of people in corporate, development and customer care positions in recent months. Currently there are more than 100 open positions available at

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