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Comodo DNS Excels Commercial Broadband Routing

December 14
11:33 2009

Hosting NewsJersey City, NJ – Comodo offers a free Domain Name Service (DNS) for Internet users. The advantages to using Comodo’s secure DNS include security, speed, and ease of use.

A DNS is like a phonebook for a computer. When a person wants to look up a phone number, he or she looks in the phone directory for the other party’s name, which corresponds with a number that a telephone can connect to. A DNS works the same way; when a person types a website address such as, into a browser’s search bar, the computer contacts a Domain Name Server. The DNS identifies the IP address that corresponds to the domain name, like a telephone user looking up a telephone number in the directory. The DNS server then replies to the user’s browser, informing it of the IP address, and the browser duly connects.

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For most Internet users, the DNS server they use is furnished by their Internet Service Provider. This process of matching human-readable domain names to machine-understandable IP addresses is part of the fabric of the Internet. It happens millions of times per day.

Rarely, the DNS database can be corrupted with incorrect IP addresses, the way a telephone directory might be printed with incorrect telephone numbers. If that happens, the Internet user may be directed to a spoof website. That site may be designed to look exactly like the site the Internet user intended to visit, and the visitor may be tricked into sharing confidential information there.

Comodo’s Domain Name Service offers three safeguards against Domain Name Server data corruption.

The first advantage Comodo’s secure DNS has over that of the Internet service providers lies in user security. By using a secure DNS, users will be assured that their attempts to connect to websites they trust will not be redirected to malware or phishing sites. The second advantage lies in speed. The nodes that Comodo uses for its DNS services are placed strategically around the world to ensure that a users’ requests are resolved as rapidly as possible.

The third advantage of Comodo’s secure DNS is in ease of use. Using Comodo’s secure DNS does not require users to download any software, meaning that the only technical thing that a user has to do to set the product up is to open Internet settings in control panel and type new IP addresses in the primary DNS server boxes. Because no software is necessary, Comodo DNS also works with non-computer devices, such as wireless-enabled mp3 players and videogame consoles. To learn more, visit

Note for beginners: DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is the part of the Internet infrastructure that translates a familiar domain name, such as ‘’ to an IP address like 123.456.789.04. This is essential because the Internet routes messages to their destinations on the basis of this destination IP address, not to the domain name. Whenever you type a domain name, your Internet browser contacts a DNS server and makes a ‘DNS Query’. In simplistic terms, this query is ‘What is the IP address of’. Once the IP address has been located, the DNS server replies to your computer, telling it to connect to the IP in question.

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Comodo is a leading brand in Internet security, covering an extensive range of security software and services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, online faxing, and computer technical support services.

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