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NeoSpire Achieves Power Delivery System Certification

November 12
17:24 2009

Web Hosting WireDallas, TX – NeoSpire, Inc., a leading provider of managed web hosting, is pleased to announce that it has achieved a Power Delivery System Certification. With so many power problems plaguing other web hosting providers in 2009, NeoSpire took the proactive stance of having their power delivery system certified by an outside third party, Prism Electric.

Tier 1 Research states that the best actual simulation of a utility failure is to open a utility breaker or electrical disconnect. This situation offers the most risk in terms of what could go wrong since it requires all of the equipment to operate together as designed, but NeoSpire was confident nothing would go wrong due to their proper datacenter commissioning and integrated testing.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ align=”right”]”Many hosting provider choose not to truly test their entire power infrastructure. They may simulate a power outage by doing load testing on their generator, but never actually cut the utility feed to prove that their backup infrastructure works as advertised. It is a risky endeavor cutting utility power, if the systems do not work as intended, everything will go down. But how do we know that our systems will work in an emergency if we do not simulate an emergency on our terms,” explained Mitch Gervis, CEO. “For years, NeoSpire has performed a total power failure simulation to ensure the uptime of our mission critical customers. We invite all customers and prospects to come down for our shutdown test, to witness for themselves and give them the peace of mind. I recommend that anyone shopping for managed hosting ask their prospective provider about their lights out testing and if they can witness the next time it is done. ”

This year NeoSpire took the power simulation testing to another level by bringing in a third-party to certify the process to ensure nothing was missed. A live Power Failure Simulation Test (“PFST”) was conducted by Prism Electric to demonstrate the responsiveness of the NeoSpire power delivery system and to certify that the power delivery system operates as it should in the event of a 100% power outage.

The backup power system was tested by de-energizing the main distribution feeder system and shutting down the main utility feed circuit to simulate the loss of 100% normal power. All parts of NeoSpire’s power delivery system worked flawlessly throughout the entire test. NeoSpire plans on continuing this stringent testing of the power delivery system as a means of further securing the trust of their clients.

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NeoSpire Inc. is a premier provider of full-service, mission critical managed hosting solutions for organizations that demand 100% uptime. Since 1999, NeoSpire has been providing the infrastructure, security, expertise and customer-centric support required by clients that rely on Web sites and Web-based applications for critical business purposes.

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