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NightWatchman® Forges its Way into the Data Center

October 19
11:37 2009

Web Hosting WireLONDON & NEW YORK – 1E, the pioneer and global market leader in PC Power Management, today announced the launch of its eagerly anticipated server energy and efficiency solution, NightWatchman Server Editioni.

With NightWatchman Server Edition, 1E is targeting the $24.7 billion [£15 billion] of IT spend wasted each year on servers not doing any useful workii. Traditional monitoring tools primarily focus on availability and performance but provide little insight on whether a server is providing any business value. NightWatchman Server Edition provides detailed efficiency and power reporting so that decisions such as decommissioning wasteful servers are made much simpler, and with productive servers energy savings can be further enhanced with Drowsy Server® technology.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ align=”right”]1E has industry leading experience in IT cost reduction and power management with 1100 client organizations that have saved over $300m in power costs alone. This experience provides 1E with the insight to help server managers make confident decisions regarding server decommissioning, virtual sprawl control, consolidation and power management, ultimately enabling organizations to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.iii

“The number of unused servers in the world today is staggering. A recent study we commissioned showed that 4.7 million servers in the world are not actively being used. Today, organizations are paying for energy, hardware, maintenance and software licensing, even when servers are not providing any business value. Given the economic and environmental issues we face today, there has never been a greater need for efficiency, especially in servers and data centers,” says Sumir Karayi, CEO and founder of 1E.

The key features of NightWatchman Server Edition are:

* Useful Work™ Analysis – revolutionizes the measurement of efficiency across servers by showing the useful work a server is performing, the energy its consuming and whether there is any waste. This enables server managers to make informed decisions on decommissioning, consolidation, virtualization and saving energy, with a degree of confidence not available until now.
* Drowsy Server® – continuously monitors activity and dynamically minimizes energy consumption when there is no Useful Work being performed without impacting the server availability. When a server is in a Drowsy state, this provides an average saving of 12% in energy costs.
* Instant visibility dashboards and reports – sophisticated power modeling algorithm enables energy consumption monitoring across all servers without any additional hardware. Report on energy consumption, cost, efficiency and CO2 emissions for all servers or group by location, department, application and more.

1E also announced today that Bovis Lend Lease, one of the world’s leading project management and construction companies is working with 1E to deploy its solution across its servers. Dr Paul Toyne, Head of Sustainability, Bovis Lend Lease adds, “Sustainability is a guiding principle at Bovis Lend Lease. We are always looking for innovations like 1E’s NightWatchman Server Edition that could bring our carbon base load to a lower level.”

CSC, a global leader in providing technology enabled business solutions and services, is undertaking a case study to measure the benefits of NightWatchman Server Edition. John Glowacki, Corporate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer says, “CSC is pleased to partner with 1E in a case study designed to measure the benefits of NightWatchman Server Edition and help CSC meet our sustainability objectives.” Deploying NightWatchman Server Edition makes servers more efficient, enables consolidation of redundant infrastructure, and eliminates costs associated with unnecessary hardware and energy usage. Easy to install, there are no hardware changes required, eliminating the risk of server downtime.

About 1E
1E helps its clients reduce IT costs and environmental footprint. Our expertise in providing leading-edge automation solutions, which reduce complexity, management costs and power consumption, has earned us the trust and confidence of over 12 million licensed users across 1,100 businesses in 42 countries worldwide. Customers include AT&T, Allstate Insurance, Blue Cross, British Airways, CSC, Dell Inc., DWP, HSBC, ING Investment Management, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, Nestlé, Reed Elsevier, SABMiller, Syngenta, the US Air Force on behalf of the Pentagon and Verizon Wireless.

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