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Singapore Web Hosting Company Offers Content Delivery Web Hosting Plans

September 24
09:04 2009

Web Hosting ReviewsSingapore – With Internet usage penetration rates reaching high numbers across the world, the demand and expectations of websites have increased multiple folds.

The majority of Internet users wants things fast, and wants to be able to view web pages quickly. Downloads must be instant, and streaming videos and sound clips must stream smoothly without stutter. If a website cannot do that, then their visitors simply move on elsewhere.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ align=”right”]With that in mind, leading web hosting company Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd has released new content delivery solutions for companies interested to deliver their content to their users at blazing fast speeds.

Unlike normal website hosting packages that cover just the basic needs of hosting a website; Vodien’s new content delivery web hosting plan is meant for serving content files such as audio, image and video files with large bandwidth capacities, ensuring that online visitors load content quickly.

Previously, only companies with large budgets were able to purchase the infrastructure to provide such a high level of bandwidth and traffic to serve large amounts of data. However, with their new content delivery web hosting plans, Vodien allows companies and individuals even to run websites requiring large amounts of bandwidth. Currently, Vodien offers 3 content delivery web hosting plans, with monthly costs ranging from SGD50 to SGD120. Their plans allow small to medium sized companies to leverage and use such services at affordable prices.

VP Sales Engineer of Vodien Internet Solutions John Lee explains “These new web hosting plans aim to serve companies which do not have heavy investments in their network infrastructure, but wish to obtain high speed traffic which allows them to serve their files quickly and at a cost effective price.”

With the Web becoming a more integral part of everyone’s lives, more and more companies are utilizing the web as part of their operational activities, which increases the average file size served through the Internet tremendously. This ensures that the content delivery web hosting service like what Vodien offers will be here to stay.

About Vodien
Vodien Internet Solutions was founded in 2002 and is a leading web hosting service provider in Asia, offering premier access speeds to visitors in the region.

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