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Radware Upgrades DefensePro Security Solution to Protect Against High-Volume Cybercriminal Activity

September 18
16:10 2009

Hosting NewsMAHWAH, NJ – Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, today announced the release of DefensePro® 5.0, an enhanced version of its award winning intrusion prevention system (IPS) designed to protect application infrastructure against cybersecurity attacks and emerging zero-minute and non-vulnerability network threats. Leveraging a ‘booster shot’ feature, DefensePro 5.0 can accurately detect and neutralize security breaches without the risk of blocking legitimate users or bypassing the security engine during attack mitigation.

The rise in cybercrime has left many global commercial and government Websites exposed to high packet-per-second (PPS) distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks – which can cause service disruption or a complete network shut down. Although many organizations have deployed standard IPS devices, their networks remain ‘open’ to attacks, as traditional IPS solutions are designed for normal traffic inspection. When flooded by high PPS attacks, standard IPS devices become ineffective and overloaded – either dropping legitimate user traffic, or falling into full bypass mode – leaving the network vulnerable.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] As part of Radware’s APSolute® Immunity security strategy, focused on fighting emerging threats targeting network bandwidth, as well as server and application resources, DefensePro 5.0 offers an advanced way to guard against vulnerabilities in the network. Leveraging a unique ‘booster shot’ architecture, DefensePro uses a dedicated hardware acceleration engine to offer DDoS attack mitigation up to 10-million PPS. This feature goes beyond current capabilities to process and inspect multi Gbps of legitimate traffic; further preventing lower volume attacks and intrusions without any network latency. With its leading architecture, DefensePro 5.0 is an ideal network security solution for eCommerce and data centre applications; delivering up to 12Gbps of full network traffic inspection and protection against server-based attacks and server intrusions.

“Traditional IPS offerings have a blind spot. Sometimes, it fails to mitigate a relatively simple attack where malware floods a website causing the servers to become overloaded due to the influx of traffic,” said Charles Kolodgy, research director, IDC’s Security Products service. “Radware’s DefensePro 5.0 eliminates the blind spot by adding the DoS (denial of service) mitigator hardware acceleration engine. This is an interesting approach from Radware, further strengthening its position and reach in the network security market.”

The business values to be achieved from the new version of DefensePro include:

• Business Continuity – DefensePro 5.0 goes beyond traditional IPS network devices to maintain excellent legitimate user response time even when under attack, by blocking high-volume PPS attacks that could potentially compromise network and security resources.
• CAPEX Reductions – With DefensePro 5.0, organizations gain the benefit of two solutions (IPS and DoS mitigation) in one box, lowering both the overall costs associated with deploying two network security solutions and reducing CAPEX as companies can save on the need for extra network and security equipment to process unwanted traffic. Additionally, offered in a pay-as-you-grow on-demand license scheme, DefensePro 5.0 offers investment protection, allowing business to scale network and security capacity based on business requirements.
• OPEX Reductions – DefensePro 5.0 offers automatic real-time signatures, enabling organizations to save on redundant operational expenses, such as renting content delivery networks (CDN) when under attack. Additionally, with its enhanced architecture, DefensePro 5.0 allows companies to lower network capacity strain and gain better control over network security and resource management – as it blocks high-volume attacks that traditionally overuse CPU resources that could potentially bring down an organization’s network.

“With more business communications and transactions going online, organizations must look to protect Web-based assets against security threats that can significantly reduce productivity or cripple the network. Even with a standard IPS deployed, many organizations aren’t properly equipped to inspect the full range of traffic necessary to keep today’s hackers at bay,” said Avi Chesla, Vice President of Security Products, Radware.

“DefensePro 5.0 was designed to eliminate this weakness that hackers know, but customers might not. As DefensePro 5.0 offers both required solutions in one – IPS and DoS mitigation – customers can analyze both legitimate traffic as well as potential anomalies in less than a second, and immediately apply the right protection mechanism without comprising user experience or network resiliency.”

DefensePro 5.0 is available on the OnDemand Switch 3S1 and 3S2 for models x412, ranging from 4Gbps to 12Gbps. DefensePro network security solutions are part of the Company’s Business-Smart Data Centre strategy, which is based on an approach to offer a range of innovative capabilities inclusive of pay-as-you-grow procurement models and a series of compelling ‘on demand’ platforms.

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