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MaximumASP Unveils New Windows Shared Hosting Platform "MaxESP"

September 24
09:03 2009

Web Hosting ReviewsLouisville, KY – MaximumASP, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a provider of Windows-based hosting and managed IT services, today announced a soon to be released shared windows hosting platform. MaxESP is the first highly available completely PCI compliant (web + data) Microsoft ASP.NET shared web hosting platform. The MaxESP core focus is to cater to all aspects of the application life cycle. Customers can quickly upgrade the standard plan and make their application load balanced and more robust with 1 mouse click. Introductory accounts will be available in October free of charge for 30 days and just $49 a month after the trial period.

Besides the usual features of a hosting solution like email, SQL databases, SAN-supported storage, free backups, etc., the MaxESP elastic shared platform adds an SSL VPN service free of charge, PCI compliance at a shared price point, and on-demand application-aware load balancing and simultaneous application instances without forcing customers to rewrite their code.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ align=”right”]As a leading Windows-based hosting provider, MaximumASP keeps up with the latest developments in Microsoft technologies while continually seeking customer feedback. “Windows Server 2008 R2, Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5, and Application Request Routing, which is an IIS extension, offers tremendous benefits to both our company and our customers in our new shared hosting platform,” says Matt Griffin, MaxESP product manager.

MaxESP is a highly scalable, cost-effective hosting solution that makes it easier for customers to manage their applications. In a shared-hosting architecture, multiple customers use the same physical server. These environments have traditionally been difficult to manage as they grow to include thousands of customers and applications, the MaxESP solution makes it easier for MaximumASP to support a rapidly expanding customer base.

With both its current offerings and MaxESP, MaximumASP simplified the administration of shared hosting for its IT staff. “With Application Request Routing on top of Windows Server 2008 R2, we’ve created a rock-solid platform that’s scalable to any level and takes care of all the headaches normally associated with shared hosting,” says Dominic Foster, CTO of MaximumASP.

“With Application Request Routing from Microsoft, hosting providers can offer elastic scalability, optimized resource utilization and reduced management costs to their customers in a simple process,” said John Zanni, general manager of the Worldwide Software plus Services Industry in the Microsoft Communications Sector at Microsoft Corp. “MaximumASP, as our Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year, continues to innovate and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies with its MaxESP platform.”

Additionally, MaximumASP takes advantage of the ability of ARR to manage multiple server farms and to manage and monitor all configuration settings through easy-to-use tools including IIS Remote Management. Griffin says, “ARR sits on top of a common, or shared, configuration system provided by IIS, which makes it very easy for us to develop custom modules or apply custom provisioning that plugs into the rest of our IT pipeline. We can use this to support billing, track customers, scale up or down, or add capacity for on-demand products that we want to roll out.”

MaximumASP can quickly provision highly available and scalable server farms and expand customers’ self-service options. Multiple layers of load balancing, enterprise SAN storage and redundant server farms will support high-performance requirements. The result will be better service for hosting customers and savings of up to U.S. $166,000 a year for MaximumASP in labor and hardware costs.
“We are very excited about MaxESP as well as the IIS 7.5 architecture and anxious for more customer feedback on how it simplifies management of hosted sites and Web applications,” said Foster, CTO of MaximumASP. “MaximumASP continues to lead the hosting industry by giving our customers a competitive edge and enabling them to be first-to-market with new solutions.”

Created in IIS 7.5 and Windows Server 2008 R2 MaxESP has many exciting new features:

* Easily create and control your applications in IIS 7.5 using IIS Remote Management
* Highly available shared hosting with application aware load balancing
* Need more power? No problem. Add instances of your application to seamlessly scale capacity
* Decrease the number of nodes when not operating at peak times – or allocate to other website(s)
* Customizable scalability right at your fingertips

About MaximumASP
MaximumASP, based in Louisville, Kentucky, was founded in 2000 as an outsourcing firm for Windows-based hosting services. MaximumASP was named by Microsoft as its 2009 Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year. The company currently hosts more than 50,000 domains for customers in over 120 countries. With a strong focus on hosting solutions that combine advanced monitoring and management tools, MaximumASP has become a top choice for Microsoft developers seeking a robust hosting platform for mission-critical web applications.

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