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Mailspect Launches Beta Version of MPP Web Services Connector for Email

September 15
11:51 2009

Hosting NewsNew Rochelle, NY – Mailspect is pleased to announce the beta version of a universal web services connector for email, MPP Web Services. This revolutionary technology solves a long-standing problem with email; core business systems are under-utilized because most communication bypasses core business systems as unstructured email.

Furthermore, email is stored in silos in workgroup collaboration, sales automation , and customer service systems that don’t talk to each other. These systems are usually not updated — automatically, system-to-system — with critical information embedded in the email stream. As a result, operations are inefficient, duplicative and don’t maximize opportunities. For example:

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] • CRM applications are unaware of critical email and attachments sent outside of the system

• CRM applications are unaware of customer service emails related to sales opportunities

• Sales teams don’t populate CRM systems with email because this manual process is too time consuming

• Project management systems don’t have records of emails sent outside the platform between participants

• Business systems are under-utilized, because people don’t trust that the information is complete and up-to-date;

• Management doesn’t have a clear picture of the day-to-day business because systems are not updated with real-time email content

MPP Web Services solves these problems by integrating unstructured email streams with web services applications like, SugarCRM, Basecamp and others. This web services application will radically change how email integrates with enterprise and cloud applications by providing a network level connection that does not require client software or the unnecessary forwarding of email.

For example, imagine the everyday occurrence where a customer emails an important technical question directly to someone in your company other than the account rep. In today’s environment there would be no way for this email to be logged in Salesforce and essential information could be lost. With MPP Web Services, the email can be transparently connected to Salesforce and the sales team will be fully aware of potential issues with the deal. MPP provides a vast array of selection criteria to find important email so you can be assured that only the ‘relevant email’ is being associated.

“We invented MPP Web Services because populating CRM systems is too cumbersome for most sales teams and I got tired of learning about issues after the fact. I realized that most of the information was in the unstructured email stream that I had limited access to. Now I can look into a CRM account and see an up-to-date list of all emails and attachments, whether the salesman wants me to or not,” explained Michael Katz, CEO, Mailspect Inc.

“MPP Web Services has applicability to a broad range of business applications, like, Websphere, Sharepoint, Basecamp, SugarCRM and Google apps. It works with virtually any application that has a robust and open API”, added Paul Sterne, Chief Marketing Officer, Mailspect Inc., “MPP Web Services is unique because the unstructured email is being processed automatically at the network level, not manually at the individual personal computer or application level.”

“Integrating the data available in the email stream provides new value that before MPP Web Services wasn’t possible to realize. As a development partner, we see tremendous opportunities for leveraging this data set and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ operations”, Hans Zaunere, Managing Member, New York PHP, LLC.

MPP Web Services requires minimal development resources to implement. It can be viewed as an ‘email middleware stack’ that has deep email processing and handling options so developers only have to create standard web services queries and response templates using standard HTTP, HTTPS, XML or JSON. MPP Web Services works as well with Microsoft Exchange as it does with Linux-based mail gateways like Postfix.

About Mailspect, Inc.
Mailspect, Inc. is headquartered in New Rochelle, New York and sells indirectly through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers. Email Stream Management is the technical basis of the awarding winning Message Processing Platform or MPP. MPP offers clients a comprehensive and integrated suite of products that (1) protects the email stream from malware and Internet attacks, MPP Defense; (2) integrates email and its attachments with core business systems, MPP Web Services; and (3) archives email in compliance with government regulations and legal discovery rules, MPP Archive. MPP currently is installed in client mail systems that process billions of emails per day.

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