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Dedicated Host Provider DedicatedNOW Partners with MailChannels

September 08
13:14 2009

Web Hosting NewsClifton, NJ – DedicatedNOW, a leading managed dedicated server hosting company, announced today a new partnership with MailChannels, a carrier-grade spam pre-filter that cuts email traffic volume by up to 95% before it hits your existing anti-spam infrastructure. The DedicatedNOW and MailChannels partnership will enhance email delivery times for hosting customers while reducing unsolicited emails from spammers.

“Our partnership with MailChannels will drastically improve the speed of inbound mail filtering by utilizing email traffic shaping technology provided by the MailChannels Traffic Control security product,” said Josh Ewin, Director of Sales and Marketing at DedicatedNOW. “The result is a dramatic reduction in spam volume as well as a reduction in email infrastructure costs.”

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] MailChannels has conducted in-depth research on spam behavior, discovering a critical behavioral aspect of spammers; specifically that the average spammer will only wait 5 seconds for successful delivery of an email (as opposed to an average of 6 minutes for a legitimate email). Delaying email delivery by a few more seconds causes spammers to give up on mail delivery.

“We applaud DedicatedNOW’s proactive approach to ensuring a faster, more reliable messaging experience for their customers,” said Ken Simpson, CEO of MailChannels. “Traffic Control’s patent-pending real-time SMTP multiplexing technology lets more email to be processed simultaneously, thus allowing MailChannels traffic shaping to work, and mail transfer agents (MTAs) to withstand larger email floods without being overwhelmed.”

With Traffic Control in place, spamming software ultimately gives up on sending unsolicited emails. Spammers are too impatient to wait for a slow or unresponsive server because spammers do not make money if the unsolicited email is not delivered. The technology provided by MailChannels uses a network of participating customers to determine the trustworthiness of
senders based on delivery times and protocol compliance.

“DedicatedNOW customers want their email delivered as quickly as possible without spam emails,” said Ewin. “By offering this new layer of anti-spam protection, our dedicated hosting customers will enjoy a more efficient and productive email experience.”

About DedicatedNOW
DedicatedNOW, Inc. is a privately owned, multi-million dollar corporation located in Clifton, New Jersey and founded in 1997. DedicatedNOW provides managed and unmanaged dedicated web hosting services to thousands of satisfied customers. DedicatedNOW delivers cutting-edge hosting solutions to meet the requirements of small and medium sized businesses, large scale corporations, and individuals. Customers rely on DedicatedNOW for reliable, secure and value-rich services such as dedicated servers, managed hosting, complex hosting, cloud hosting, reseller and colocation hosting.

DedicatedNOW’s servers are located in a state of the art data center in Clifton, New Jersey. At present, the data center incorporates more than 7,500 sq ft of raised floor space. In addition, DedicatedNOW boasts over 5,000 sq ft of corporate office space comprising of conference rooms, reception area, staff facilities, etc.

About MailChannels
MailChannels is a leading provider of email traffic shaping software, helping service providers control escalating costs brought on by rapid growth. The company’s Traffic Control software presorts incoming email before it hits your network, prioritizing the delivery of legitimate email while slowing down and blocking spam traffic to reduce downstream server load. Recognized by Red Herring Canada Top 50 and the MIT Spam Conference, MailChannels protects Fortune 500 companies, leading service providers and universities worldwide.

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