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StarNet Ports Host Access Innovation to Linux Platform

August 24
12:51 2009

Web Host NewsSUNNYVALE, Calif. – StarNet Communications of Sunnyvale, California, a leading developer of remote host connectivity solutions, announced LinuxLIVE, the company’s first X server solution for Linux users seeking stable, secure connections to applications running on remote Unix and Linux servers.

LinuxLIVE is an innovative Linux workstation solution that combines Linux’s native X Windows server with StarNet’s LIVE technology. LIVE adds critical persistency when users connect to applications on remote Unix and Linux hosts. LinuxLIVE allows users to reconnect to applications after experiencing an otherwise fatal network, power of system crash and also allow users to share their sessions with other Linux and Windows users.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] Linux workstations are used extensively at high-tech companies where engineers connect from Linux to design applications running on powerful Unix and Linux servers. “We have seen a significant migration from Windows workstations to Linux workstations in semiconductor design and other high-tech fields. Linux users are just as vulnerable to network and power failures as Windows users. LinuxLIVE allows us to bring our LIVE session capabilities to the Linux workstation platform and serve these users with critical session persistency solutions that improve their productivity,” said StarNet co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Steven Schoch.

LinuxLIVE also allows Linux users to disconnect their office machines at the end of the workday and reconnect to their remote sessions the next day, or at home on another Linux or Windows PC. “Most users who have Linux in the office have Windows machines at home. Now they can start sessions on a Linux workstation in the office, then resume those sessions on a Windows computer at home using our X-Win32 X emulator,” Schoch explained, adding that “LinuxLIVE brings the interoperability between Linux and Windows clients and servers full circle. It no longer matters on which end-user platform you work at any given time. You can always connect to your remote Linux and Unix applications.”

About StarNet Communications
StarNet Communications Corp., founded in 1989, develops and markets X11 terminal emulation solutions on the Windows and Linux platforms for corporate, educational and government organizations. Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., the company is privately held. For more information, visit

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