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Joyent Launches Virtual Appliance for MySQL – Sets New Speed Benchmark for Database in the Cloud

August 16
20:50 2009

Web Hosting NewsSAUSALITO, CA – Joyent, the leading vendor in Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing, announced today that it is taking the proven performance and reliability of Sun Microsystems’ MySQL database to a whole new level by offering optimizations to the Joyent Cloud for MySQL. Joyent and Sun’s database group have teamed up to create Virtual Appliance templates for MySQL.

Joyent’s Virtual Appliance for MySQL is configured to maximize the open source database’s performance on Joyent’s powerful, secure and stable virtualization technology. Performance benchmarks ( demonstrate that Joyent’s Virtual Appliance for MySQL can deliver 3 times the number of Transactions per Second than comparable deployments of XEN-based clouds, such as Amazon’s EC2.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] “Running Read-Only tests, our internal benchmarks show that a 1GB Virtual Appliance for MySQL in the Joyent cloud can perform 1,245 transactions per second with 8 threads,” said Jason Hoffman, Joyent CTO and Founder. “A more expensive 7.5 GB large instance on Amazon EC2 only manages 425 transactions per second with the same 8 threads.”

Joyent has made it easy to launch a Virtual Appliance for MySQL as a single instance or as part of a Web-scale architecture.
“MySQL is pre-installed and optimized on the Joyent Cloud,” said Hoffman. “From the minute you get your login credentials, you are ready to go: deployment could not be easier. Dual-Master or Master-Slave configurations will also soon be available as pre-defined architectures.”

The Joyent Virtual Appliance for MySQL is available based on a typical cloud model. Users can scale up and down when they need to — and pay for only the infrastructure they use. There are no contracts to lock-in users. Additionally, the Joyent Virtual Appliance for MySQL Enterprise is fully supported by the MySQL database experts at Sun.

“MySQL is the most-used database in today’s Cloud environments,” said Rich Nigro, MySQL Managed Hosting Business Manager, Sun Microsystems. “We are delighted to see that Joyent is making this dedicated MySQL offering available to users of the popular Joyent Cloud.”

The Joyent Cloud has many customers benefiting from MySQL, and there are several case studies of how the optimized implementation has driven application performance, operational stability and value.

“Context Optional provides scalable solutions for brand marketing across social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter,” said Rafi Jacoby, Director of Engineering at Context Optional. “We’ve built and deployed viral applications for Kraft, Toyota, McDonald’s, MTV/Viacom, and many other Fortune 500 brands using MySQL running on the Joyent Cloud. We’ve been impressed with performance and uptime, with several databases having run more than a billion queries with no downtime.”

MySQL is the most popular open source database software in the world. Many of the world’s largest and fastest-growing organizations use MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, critical business systems, communications networks, and commercial software. At, Sun provides corporate users with premium subscriptions and services, and actively supports the large MySQL open source developer community.

About Joyent, Inc.
Joyent is a vendor of ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS), a.k.a Cloud Computing. Joyent provides a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to buying and running your own IT infrastructure, while still providing all the security, cost stability, and enterprise-grade performance of a dedicated private data center. The Joyent Cloud is built using the company’s unique networking and virtualization technology, the Joyent Accelerator. Joyent’s shared hosting, virtual appliances, free developer programs and Cloud Computing products leverage the Joyent Accelerator to provide our customers with unparalleled Cloud Computing performance and value.

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