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Get Your Business to Punch above Its Weight

August 19
16:06 2009

Web Hosting NewsSILICON VALLEY, Calif. & DUBLIN – Registered domains currently total 185 million, a growth of 20.8% over 2008, and are expected to reach nearly 297 million by 2011. This significant rise in domain name activity indicates the growing importance of generating a good online presence for your business. In more and more cases, start-up companies are punching above their weight, using technology to dominate over companies that have been around for generations.

Why go to a dentist whose details you find posted on the notice board of the local supermarket when you can go online and get an panoramic view of the inside of a dentist’s office down the road? Why spend time listening to your dentist explaining your dental issues while pointing at a demonstration set of teeth, when the dentist next door provides Photoshop views of how your teeth will look after treatment and before you have to spend a dime?

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] A professional online presence and smart use of technology is proving to be the difference between success and failure of start-up and established companies alike. The good news is that the cost associated with this online presence and smart technology is no longer an inhibiting factor. The multitude of new online services means that a professional online presence that competes with the very best, can be achieved for only a few hundred dollars.

Like most businesses let’s start with the business name. For a little over $10 you can register a domain online, probably the best service right now is offered by Considering there are over 185 million already registered you may have some problems finding a suitable domain name. offers the most comprehensive market place for buying and selling pre-registered domains and has thousands of domain names that might suit your business.

So now that you’ve got the name picked and the website registered, the next step is to come up with a good logo and professional looking website. Most domain registers offer simple site builders as part of their service, however, if you want something more professional you should take a look at The site has nearly 20 thousand templates to choose from, averaging around $60 per template, and all developed by professional website designers. The one point to keep in mind is the type of website template you want. CMS or content managed templates are the best as they allow you to easily modify the content of your website at any stage.

If you have a few design ideas of your own you should check out This site offers custom logo, business card and website designs from a community of over 43 thousand designers. You simply create a design brief and decide on a budget and let the designers come to you with their work. When you’re happy you award your prize to the winning entry. Prize amounts generally range from $100 to $600 depending on the type of design you require.

Now that you have your professional website you will need to decide how you’re going to get it online. If you have chosen a content managed website it is important that you find a provider that hosts the content managed platform for your chosen template. There are a multitude of companies, including some mentioned previously that provide very good hosting services for next to nothing. Some sites including offer free website hosting for Joomla templates.

So you’ve launched your website and now the world can see who you are, and what you have to offer. Your site looks professional and your customers will perceive that your business is one that they can trust. There is one more step however, and that is to turn this perception into reality. How can you ensure that your business has the best tools to help it compete with the bigger players in the marketplace? How can you make your business as proficient as any competing business out there?

Tools for business management and productivity were often the most expensive element of any technology budget. However, the growth in web based applications has resulted in a multitude of tools becoming available on a pay as you use basis i.e. you pay a monthly fee only for the employees that use the applications. again offer over 20 such applications including email, document management, time and attendance, web meeting, invoicing, inventory management and sales force management. Many of the applications are free dependant on the number of users.

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EazyBusiness provide SaaS and Cloud Computing products for small and medium sized businesses. The EazyBusiness cloud contains over 20 cloud computing applications including email, document management, time and attendance, web meeting, invoicing, inventory management and sales force management, all accessed securely over the internet. EazyBusiness users have free access to email with online collaboration tools and each registered company gets a free content managed website. To view the full suite of EazyBusiness applications create a free account today at

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