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Quova and Integral Business Solutions complete 100th joint integration

July 22
09:59 2009

Web Hosting NewsLondon, UK – Quova, Inc., the leading provider of Internet geolocation data services, and Integral Business Solutions, a technology consultancy specialising in information security and regulatory compliance, announced the completion of their 100th joint enterprise implementation. Capping off four years of partnership, both Quova and Integral are Oracle strategic partners – Integral as a systems integrator and Quova as a member of the Extended Identity Management Ecosystem – and work together to help companies test, purchase, deploy and customise the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM). Integral and Quova’s extensive client base includes Fortune 500 companies in the financial and e-commerce industries throughout North America.

Quova is the only provider of IP geolocation data to be certified and integrated within the OAAM. Integral works with organisations to oversee technical implementation from both a deployment and training perspective, working closely with customers to train and certify staff and further customise to fit individual need. With fraudulent transactions increasing in number and sophistication, online merchants need to arm themselves with as many tools and resources as possible to protect themselves and their customers from identity theft and other vulnerabilities.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] IP Geolocation data enables the ability to pinpoint the exact location of every visitor to a Web site, a crucial component of a security infrastructure. Integral works with customers to implement OAAM and then add Quova’s IP geolocation data to its core infrastructure.
Automated, accurate and completely transparent to the end user, data from Quova has been qualified as 99.99% accurate by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the only such provider to have their data audited in the industry.

“At Integral, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to network security, helping companies not only select the right applications but to build a robust, adaptive infrastructure that can grow with their business. Quova has been a huge part of that mission and surpassing 100 implementations is a strong testament to the reach and effect our partnership has had,” said Amber Houston, Director, Security Services at Integral Business Solutions. “For everything we know about fraud and fraud prevention, it’s still a developing field, with new threats and methods emerging daily. Pinpointing IP location is one of the best weapons that online merchants have and Quova supplies the most complete, most accurate and most robust solution on the market.”

“In most cases, when a company suffers a security breach, the overall impact is difficult to calculate because the loss of reputational value is far greater than the time and money spent and lost. The OAAM is the first step in prevention, our data is second,” said Marie Alexander, CEO of Quova. “Integral and Quova both strongly believe that taking a proactive approach to security infrastructure can be enormously beneficial enterprise-wide, not only boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty, but freeing staff from manual processes and reallocating those resources across the company.”

For more information please view the Integral case study here:

About Integral Business Solutions
Integral Business Solutions offers a holistic approach to securing your information through assessments, secure application development, online fraud management program development, and security remediation services.

Integral’s inception in 2000 focused on helping organizations evaluate, design, and deploy secure frameworks and technologies. Over the past 9 years Integral has extended their services to include risk and vulnerability assessments, online fraud strategy development, and remediation of the risks posed to an organization’s application and infrastructure environment. Our services offer clients significant short and long-term advantages by providing operational and competitive business metrics towards the implementation of recommended controls and practices. Integral is based in Roseville, MN, and is privately owned.

About Quova
Quova, Inc. enables online businesses to instantly identify where a visitor to their Web site is geographically located. Online companies including broadcasters, e-retailers, ad networks, banks, and government agencies integrate Quova’s IP geolocation data into their Web applications to geotarget their advertising and content, detect card-not-present fraud, manage distribution of digital content, comply with local laws, and more. Quova delivers detailed demographic and network characteristic data about an IP address and the data is 99.9% accurate at the country level and up to 98.2% accurate at the US state level (attested to by PricewaterhouseCoopers). Quova, founded in 2000, is based in Mountain View, California, and is privately owned.

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