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LeaseWeb Boosts its European Hosting Network by Adding 7 New Internet Exchanges

July 01
09:16 2009

Hosting NewsAmsterdam – LeaseWeb, top-20 hosting provider in the world with currently a bandwidth capacity of 750 Gbps in its network, is adding seven new Internet exchange points in Europe to this worldwide hosting network. They will provide connections with the Internet exchanges in Milan, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Budapest, Bratislava and Bucharest.

With this expansion, LeaseWeb’s hosting network will be connected to a total of 18 Internet exchanges. LeaseWeb’s network already had connections with the Internet exchanges in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, New York, Brussels, Vienna, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zürich, Prague and Madrid. Milan, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Budapest, Bratislava and Bucharest have now been added to this list.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] This significant increase in Internet exchange points will allow LeaseWeb to further improve the routing of Internet traffic within its European hosting network by means of peering, i.e. by exchanging Internet traffic with other providers, instead of purchasing transit traffic from telecom carriers. LeaseWeb uses both transit and peering in order to achieve the best possible mix in Internet traffic.

Con Zwinkels, managing director of LeaseWeb: “The additional peering capabilities will allow us to create more Internet routes in our European hosting network, which will benefit network redundancy and uptime. Our uptime is 99.999 percent. By increasing the number of Internet exchanges, among other things, we will be able to sustain this high uptime rate. In addition, peering will keep our Internet traffic affordable. This will allow us to continue to guarantee LeaseWeb’s competitive price-quality ratio since it will reduce the amount of bandwidth we have to purchase from telecom carriers.”

In effect, LeaseWeb is installing a router in each of the new Internet exchanges. “We always use Cisco router equipment,” says Zwinkels. “LeaseWeb’s network is critical to the total portfolio of hosting products we provide. We need a high uptime and a minimum risk of parts failure. Cisco simply offers the highest quality and the best performance in this respect.”

The network expansion follows an extremely significant increase in the amount of Internet traffic handled by LeaseWeb’s hosting network. Over the past six months, bandwidth usage by clients has increased from 250 Gigabits per second (Gbps) to 375 Gbps, and total network bandwidth capacity has been increased from 500 Gbps to 750 Gbps. The double amount of network capacity maintained by LeaseWeb, along with the large inventories of server and network equipment, are company policy. Zwinkels: “This considerable overcapacity is a guarantee for our clients that they will be able to expand their Web environment very rapidly, if necessary.”

About LeaseWeb
LeaseWeb is an international provider of hosting solutions that is primarily geared towards the professional market. The company is among the top-20 hosting providers worldwide and its services include server virtualization, dedicated servers, collocation, streaming, webhosting, and domain name registration. LeaseWeb is the proprietor of a first-class network that offers a bandwidth of more than 750 Gbps, spanning four data centers in the Amsterdam region via major telecom carriers. LeaseWeb is also present via Internet exchanges in Amsterdam, Londen, Frankfurt, New York, Brussel, Kopenhagen, Parijs, Budapest, Boekarest, Warschau, Praag, Bratislava, Milaan, Wenen, Stockholm, Oslo, Zürich and Madrid. This way, LeaseWeb enables companies around the world to create and continue their online presence in a simple and affordable manner. Since its founding in 1997, hosting provider LeaseWeb has expanded its network to include more than 22,000 servers. LeaseWeb’s clients include Royal Joh. Enschedé, OGD, 123Video,, Relatieplanet, MijnAlbum, Starbucks, Hyves, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Twenga, Direct Wonen, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and Univé.

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