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June 19
17:00 2009

Web Hosting NewsUnited Kingdom – As the name Swarm suggests, the package concept uses the aggregated movement of customers through a 11 stage chain or ‘swarm’ to trigger percentage discounts. Each swarm stage nets the customer a 10% reduction in the amount that he or she pays for their hosting service. Customers who reach the 11th stage will be given a 100% discount or in simple terms will receive a highly available and supported virtual server solution free of charge. The greater the number of new customers that join the swarm, the quicker the stages are triggered and the higher the discounts enjoyed by the existing customer base.

Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at, stated: “The Swarm process may seem complicated at first, but actually it’s incredibly simple. Imagine the process as a theme park ride. Once the car is filled with paying customers, it sets off on a journey; differing discounts are then applied as it reaches various journey milestones, and a new set of customers start to fill the next car and await their turn. The only difference with our Swarm package is that our customers don’t disembark, once they have reached the 100% discount milestone – they stay there!”.

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] The Swarm Server is just one of a number of tailored VPS solutions now on offer from As well as the Swarm, customers can also consider the Metatrader VPS, built specifically to allow users to trade online, or the Ruby VPS, built specifically for Ruby on Rails developers. Each server, regardless of package, is supported fully 24 x7, offers totally flexibility, is fully backed up and utilises the latest virtualised technology.

Errol added “We’re fast becoming recognised as a leading innovator in the supply of virtual servers to the market, and we see the launch of the Swarm as further endorsing this viewpoint, whilst genuinely giving our customers a real and tangible reward for their loyalty.

Established in 2000, is a leading industry supplier of Virtual Server hosting solutions. Serving a global market from UK & US data centres, delivers tailored solutions for demanding markets offering bespoke products such as Ruby stacked VPS and Metatrader VPS.

Built on a highly-available platform offering full uptime guarantees, genuine 24 x 7 support, customers can scale their computing both up and down as their business needs demand. Designed to make web scaling easy, VirtualServers is the ideal solution for clients seeking high availability, premium quality and flexible computing without the need for investment.

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