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5 Reasons to use VM Ware ESXi

May 07
17:10 2009

VMware ESXiVirtualization is being adopted by big and small companies alike. Cost is the main benefit to virtualize existing hardware either at the office or in equipment leased in a data center. Consolidation reduces your hardware footprint and enables easier management. Power requirements are also reduced and Green Hosting is powered by software such as VMWare ESXi and Parallels Server. Less equipment means less power required and less cooling.

Although cost is the primary factor from a hardware standpoint, reducing costs in your IT department is also a benefit. Virtualization software such as VMWare ESXi gives incredible flexibility to your system administrators and can reduce your IT department headcount. Less headaches with HR, payroll taxes, 401k matching as well as insurance premiums improve your bottom line. With the tools invluded with VMWare ESXi a single system administrator can do the job of 5 technicians in the same amount of time.

But I bet you are wondering if VMWare ESXi is as robust as a dedicated server? The answer is it’s even better. Replication tools, quick provisioning and backups make restoring, and provisioning new Virtual Environments a breeze. Even better, VMWare ESXi is a true hypervisor so the Virtual Environment behaves as it is a real dedicated server. VMWare ESXi allows the use of the bare metal hardware to ensure optimal performance. The total separation of Operating system from other Virtual Environments ensures that no single Virtual Environment can bring down other servers on the main hardware node.


  1. Reduced Hardware Expenditures & Better Use of Hardware
  2. Reduced Power Expenditure
  3. Reduced IT Department overhead
  4. Easier provisioning of appliances
  5. Power of a dedicated server with benefits of Virtualization

Choose Your VMWare ESXi Partner Wisely

Only a very few state-of-the-art Data Centers are currently offering VMWare ESXi to their end-customers. If reducing costs, quality hardware, and unsurpassed support is important to your online business, you should only consider hosting in one of these facilities.


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