Press Releases Launches First Cloud Hosting Services in Spain

April 23
16:36 2009

Hosting NewsSpain –, a provider of Internet services, today announced it is the first company in Spain to offer Cloud Hosting services. The new line of services introduces an à la carte view of services into hosting with scalability, affordability and redundancy as its key advantages. unveils its Cloud Flexible Server as the first Cloud Hosting service of its new line of services.

This way, introducing into the Spanish Internet services’ market the Cloud Computing technology where applications are separated from infrastructure. Applied to hosting, applications are no longer limited to a single physical piece of hardware, as with traditional hosting, but are run on a technological platform where servers are shared by many applications and run virtually everywhere. This means users don’t have to worry about the servers nor the applications; they can contract a cloud service anywhere and just pay for what they need and use. Virtualization is what powers Cloud Computing; it brings the server utilization up and the cost down.

The nature of the Cloud Hosting infrastructure means that a website will not experience any resource constraints, resources are virtually inexhaustible, fully scalable and thus assuring traffic spikes to be handled seamlessly and automatically. Scaling up and down based on the needs of the project or website allows for payment on utility basis, combining the convenience of and simplicity of SaaS (Software as a Service) with the flexibility of traditional computing.

Different from the traditional hosting services, the Cloud Flexible Server allows users to purchase as many resources as needed (processing power, memory, monthly data transfer, storage, etc) and have their server up and running in a matter of seconds.

“We are excited to unveil this new line of services, thereby taking the lead in bringing Cloud Hosting services to the Spanish market. The new Cloud Hosting services give customers complete control over their systems and costs through the scalability of the resources. Not only do they allow total control over a server, operating system or application, but also, can they be up and running in a matter of seconds after contracting them,” said Fermín Palacios, Business Line Manager of

To meet the growing needs of customers both present and in the future, Arsys is planning to open a new Data Center with 4 server rooms providing space for 15,000 servers and anticipates spending approximately 15 million euro. The new Data Center will be brought on line this summer and will provide superior security, connectivity and performance. In addition, important efforts are made to choose environmentally conscious technologies in the design of the facility.

The company will extend this new line of Cloud Hosting services with more functionalities and advanced services, and will initially offer this portfolio to the customers of Over the coming months, the customers of its subsidiaries in France and Portugal, and respectively, will also be given the opportunity to reap the benefits of Cloud Hosting.

To demystify the concept of Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting, has created a microsite The site covers the basic aspects of the Cloud technology, contains multimedia and a glossary of terms to help users understand the concept and the advantages of this technology that is revolutionizing the hosting industry.

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The Arsys Group has more than 640,000 domain names under management and serves over 220,000 clients worldwide. Arsys is Spain’s leading company in domain name registration and web hosting services, and one of the main industry leaders in Europe. The company employs over 270 people and provides services to more than hundred countries through, and For more information about Arsys, please visit

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