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SaaS Provider, Zapproved, Selects Cloud Services from Mosso

March 31
17:44 2009

Web Host NewsSAN ANTONIO – Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE:RAX), the world’s leading hosting provider, today announced that Zapproved, a Portland, Oregon-based startup that provides an online solution for managing business approval process, has chosen both Cloud Sites™ and Cloud Servers™ from Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud, to power the company’s front and back end applications.

Zapproved is an online productivity tool that keeps the decision-making “conversation” in a single place. Zapproved documents input from anyone invited to participate in a decision, bringing transparency and accountability to the approval process. The online tool offers a simple, intuitive way for teams to collaborate and implement process.

“Ahead of our public launch last year, we needed a hosting solution that could be deployed quickly, offer support, scale with the unknowns of a new enterprise,” said Andy Neville, vice president of engineering for Zapproved. “As a startup, saving on capital expenses was crucial. While our team had previously utilized both traditional managed hosting solutions as well as in-house equipment, we felt that the cloud best aligned for our company.”

Zapproved’s web front-end and database cluster resides on Mosso’s Cloud Sites, a hosting platform which delivers automatic scaling to handle huge usage spikes experienced by high traffic, fast growth websites. Cloud Sites is currently home to more than 100,000 web applications and serves billions of requests per month. Zapproved also operates a mail server which sends out their application email on Cloud Servers, Mosso’s newest cloud service providing fully-customizable, pay by the hour, cloud server instances that can be launched, maintained, and controlled with full root access.

“Due to blog coverage that was both planned and unplanned, Zapproved has seen several traffic spikes since we launched the site last summer. It’s been great to not worry about whether or not these spikes would take down the site,” said Neville. “Working with the Mosso team has allowed us to focus on developing our business and not worry about what’s happening with the site. We think that the cloud is critical to new businesses like us that are looking for enterprise-grade hosting solutions for a fraction of the cost.”

Zapproved will also be integrating Cloud Files, the online cloud storage service to offload their static content, such as images, JavaScript and Flash as well as the much larger installers they have for their 3rd-party integrations, such as Outlook Plug-ins.

“Rackspace’s cloud solutions are ideal for SaaS and startup businesses looking to get online quickly and without spending significant capital expenses,” said Emil Sayegh, general manager, The Rackspace Cloud. “Our cloud portfolio, backed by our award winning Fanatical Support®, offers easy-to-use alternatives to in-house and dedicated infrastructures. Small companies and large can combine our broad cloud services portfolio to create powerful and affordable solutions to deliver instant scaling to meet traffic spikes, streamlined setup, sophisticated user interface and easy access and control.”

Founded in February 2008, Zapproved is a Portland, Oregon-based start-up improving organizational efficiency through the software-as-a-service model. Zapproved plans to expand its online offerings by using its proprietary AdaptPro™ workflow engine to create a suite of cloud-based tools that solve common business problems. To learn more, visit

About Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud
Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud, provides on-demand scalable website, application and storage hosting backed by Fanatical Support®. Through its suite of cloud solutions, Cloud Sites™, Cloud Files™ and Cloud Servers™, Mosso enables astute developers and IT managers to minimize the hassles, upfront investments and high costs associated with dedicated hardware while offering the ability to easily scale hosting resources. For more information about Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud, visit or call 1-877-934-0409.

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