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RealMedia Latin America to Expand Quova Geotargeting Reach

March 03
17:43 2009

Hosting NewsLONDON, UK – Quova, Inc., the leading provider of IP geolocation data, today announced that Realmedia Latin America will extend the reach of its Open AdStream geotargeting module, delivering relevant content or advertising to a Web site visitor based on his location, across all of the 16 Spanish-speaking countries in North, Central, and South America.

Geotargeting is used to target and deliver content and advertising to a Web site visitor based on his location. For example, you could localise the landing page of a pay per click ad or dynamically change a page to one with translated content based on the Web visitor’s location.

Open AdStream is a comprehensive ad management platform that combines powerful Web analytics and behavioral targeting with ad serving and campaign management. Realmedia offers customers a full range of targeting options, including behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, geotargeting, and traditional retargeting. Quova’s IP geolocation data is built into the functionality of the Open AdStream platform and packages advertising for users in a specific geographic location across the Realmedia network of Web sites.

“Quova provides us with extremely precise and constantly updated geolocation information that enables our partners and customers to be able to push geographically specific advertisements,” said Peter Gervai, RealMedia’s Managing Director for the Spanish region. “Geotargeting capabilities have become increasingly important features of our Open AdStream platform, giving us a clear competitive advantage. Our team has witnessed a constant and qualitative accuracy improvement in Quova’s data over the last year or so, making them the number one choice. Obtaining reliable IP data across Latin America really was a technical challenge before this partnership.”

About Realmedia Latin America
Real Media Latin America operations – currently supported by its Buenos Aires, Miami and Sao Paulo locations – have long dominated the nascent digital marketing space throughout Latin America, providing marketing and technology solutions to online marketers and publishers. With 247RealMedia´sOpen AdStreamTM (OAS) ad serving technology, products and services include: Internet ad serving technology, online media representation, integrated marketing solutions comprised of network and site specific advertising, online marketing support, trafficking, online professional consultancy and rich media. The company is able to focus on fine-tuning local solutions for a customer’s marketplace with deep knowledge of the Latin American advertising space and industry experience. Launched in 1999, major customers includes: iG, Globo,, Editora Abril, LanceNet, Mercado Libre, El Universal, Emol, El Comercio, OMD,CANTV, amongst others.

About Quova, Inc.
Quova, Inc. enables online businesses to instantly identify where a visitor to their Web site is geographically located. Major e-retailers, ad networks, banks, and government agencies integrate Quova’s data into their Web applications to geotarget their advertising and content, detect identify theft and card-not-present fraud, manage digital content distribution, comply with local laws and more. Quova delivers detailed demographic and network characteristic data about an IP address, down to a city area. The data is 99.9% accurate at the country level and 97.2% accurate at the US state level (attested to by Pricewaterhouse Coopers). Quova, founded in 2000, is based in Mountain View, California, and is privately owned.

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