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New Browser-Native Technology Challenges Cloud Computing

March 02
12:16 2009

Hosting NewsTORRANCE, Calif. – Aestiva Software announced this week the official release of Aestiva Array, a 100% browser-native solution for corporate computing. The Aestiva Array engine uses the world’s most compact integrated software kernel for deploying pure web applications without the need for other database engines, middleware, web tools, and numerous other technologies – because it includes its own database and programming technologies.

Aestiva’s kernel – at a mere five Megabytes – boasts a footprint that is ten times smaller than other browser-native technologies.

Aestiva Array helps corporate IT groups build enterprise-class web-browser-based applications that do not require hooks or links to external services – in contrast to software-as-a-service (Saas) and enterprise ‘cloud computing’ offerings such Google App Engine,, Amazon’s EC2, and others – which charge recurring fees to use their software libraries.

The new Aestiva technology lets companies create and run these applications, without relying on delivery of their software and data over the Internet or ‘cloud’ from an external host, and without requiring them to pay a recurring monthly rental fee.

Aestiva Array brings corporate web applications additional security and robustness. Since the engine runs independent of external hosting providers, solutions are not vulnerable to the security issues involved in offsite storage, nor are they vulnerable to connection outages. On the other hand, Aestiva Array provides many of the advantages of ‘cloud-based’ computing such as easy-to-use browser-based interfaces and minimal IT support needs. The technology has already been adopted by thousands of developers worldwide, and has been proven in 10% of the Fortune 100.

Free downloads of the Aestiva Engine are now available on the website This site also includes code samples, tutorials, developer forums, and resources for corporate software developers and organizations eager to explore the technology to develop browser-native solutions.

About Aestiva Software
Founded in 1996, Aestiva serves over a thousand customers worldwide. Aestiva solutions significantly streamline and improve business processes. The company specializes in 100% browser-native technology that can be installed with limited or no IT overhead. Live web demonstrations are available by calling 1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482) or 1-310-697-0338.

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