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Comic Book Auction Gets Record Bid with ServerBeach Support

March 23
18:47 2009

Web Hosting NewsSAN ANTONIO, TX – ServerBeach, a PEER 1 Network Enterprises, Inc. (TIX:PIX) company specializing in dedicated hosting, supported customer, ComicConnect, for its record-breaking, rare comic book auction that ran from February 24 to March 13. ComicConnect, the online marketplace for comic buyers and sellers, auctioned off the first-ever Superman comic, the 1938 “Action Comics #1,” for a record sale of $317,200. During the auction period, ComicConnect experienced unprecedented traffic rates due to the auction bidding and when news of the auction made international headlines.

“ServerBeach went the extra mile to provide the hosting support we needed for this auction,” said Ben Smith, vice president of ComicConnect. “With a high profile online auction such as this, the ability to scale to support peak traffic flow is imperative and everything went off without a hitch. We worked closely with ServerBeach to prepare for the auction and our account representative was available at all times to address any potential hardware or software issues common with this intensive type of online event.”

ServerBeach helped ComicConnect prepare for the online auction by upgrading its service, including installing an enterprise-grade server that could process the high levels of activity that occurred during the auction. Additionally, ServerBeach was available to offer technical assistance to prevent and mitigate any issues, such as denial of service attacks or any kind of overload of the servers. This preparation was all backed by PEER 1’s powerful SuperNetwork™, which offers the highest speed, connectivity and solid uptime.

ComicConnect has been a ServerBeach customer for nearly three years, and requires a reliable, accessible and fast site. With ServerBeach, its system is fully optimized for supporting daily comic book sales, as well as for high-volume activities such as last week’s auction. The site brings comic book buyers and sellers together, providing a platform for comic listings, searching, online bidding and transactions. ComicConnect also provides regular email newsletters to its members.

“We understand ComicConnect’s business platform and related IT requirements, and are pleased that we could provide the hosting and network support for this exciting comic book auction” said Ted Smith, senior vice president of operations for PEER 1. “We are always willing to work with our customers to provide them with the best solutions to meet their unique needs. ServerBeach offers the expertise and network backbone to support any level of online activity. This enables our customers to focus on their core business, leaving the IT issues to us.”

The unrestored “Action Comics #1” is considered to be one of the ten nicest copies known to be in existence. There are believed to be about 100 copies of Action Comics #1 left, but most are either in lesser condition or have restoration work, which decreases the value and desirability. The Action Comics #1 that was sold for $317,200 on ComicConnect, was originally owned by a man who purchased the comic from a second-hand shop for 35 cents in 1951. He was nine years old at the time, and his reluctant father thought that spending 35 cents for a comic that originally cost 10 cents was down-right silly, and a poor use of his son’s spending money!

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About ComicConnect is the online marketplace for comic buyers and sellers, focusing on comic books originally published between 1930 – 1975. Membership is free, and members may list their comics for sale or auction for free. ComicConnect brokers transactions, and accepts a low 10% commission only after comics are sold through the site. Best of all, ComicConnect never charges Buyer’s Premiums.

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