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FuseMail Announces Beta Launch of Its New Webmail Platform

February 03
18:03 2009

Web Hosting NewsKANSAS CITY, Mo. – Today FuseMail, a leading provider of business and private label email hosting solutions, announced the release of its Webmail Version 3 (“v3”) Beta. The new version of webmail is designed to give users the ultimate in-browser email experience with customization and rich Web 2.0 features being at the core of the platform.

“Webmail Version 3 is without doubt, the biggest development in FuseMail’s history,” commented Bryan Heitman, President of FuseMail. “The interface is miles ahead of the competition, offering all the features you would expect from a downloadable email client from within your browser.”

With many Web services moving towards the cloud and using Web 2.0 experiences to connect to them, webmail services need to offer users more than they have to date. Speed has always been an important factor in the comparison between traditional email clients (such as Outlook and Thunderbird) versus webmail clients. FuseMail’s Webmail v3 stores significant amounts of each message in a database, rather than a traditional folder. Using background AJAX calls and extensive JavaScript in combination with this database structure, v3 is able to perform common email tasks – such as opening or moving messages – at near instant speeds. Combine that with FuseMail’s use of multiple datacenters to geographically locate user data as close to them as possible and you get a lightning fast Web experience.

The sleek, clean design of the interface is also putting FuseMail ahead of its competitors. The interface is made up of “panels”, each displaying different information. For example, the default view shows your message folders, message list, message body, calendar, favorite contacts, disk space usage and frequently used links. Each of these panels can be turned off, or dragged and dropped into a different position. The interface supports up to four columns, so horizontal or vertical reading panes are both possible.

Developers also have something to be excited about with this new platform. FuseMail is building a number of APIs that will let developers integrate their own applications into the interface. They will also be able to export data from their accounts, as well as perform any of the functions currently available through the administrative API.

FuseMail will be showing Webmail v3 to any interested persons at the 2009 Parallels Summit in Las Vegas, NV. FuseMail is offering the chance to win an LCD TV and Nintendo Wii to anyone who tours Webmail v3 and leaves their contact details with FuseMail.

About FuseMail
FuseMail is an innovative provider of outsourced email hosting services that caters to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. The company was formed in 2003 and has developed a robust email platform with a rich feature set that aggressively filters spam and viruses. The company has positioned itself as a low-cost Microsoft Exchange alternative. FuseMail’s headquarters are in Kansas City, Missouri. For more information on FuseMail, please visit

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