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What's A Super Bowl Without A GoDaddy-Esque Ad?

December 04
21:35 2008

Host News SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – For the fifth consecutive year, Go Daddy will advertise in the Super Bowl – that is “if” NBC approves an edgy commercial. Go Daddy shot two completely different ad concepts this week near Los Angeles. Both concepts feature auto racing superstar and Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick, who ranked as 2008’s Most Searched Athlete on the Internet. [1]

“We have two options and they’re both absolutely…GoDaddy-esque,” said Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons, on-set in Los Angeles yesterday. “They are fun, edgy and slightly inappropriate; surely network censors will have a sense of humor, people could use a good laugh these days.”

The term GoDaddy-esque was coined after Go Daddy’s 2005 Super Bowl ad was censored. Pulled before it aired a second time, the commercial was a parody of the infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” It featured the original Go Daddy Girl testifying before a mock congressional hearing. As for its decision to yank the 2005 ad, Fox network officials simply said it was “out of step with the tenor” set by other ads. The censorship sparked a media firestorm, generating unprecedented publicity for the domain name registrar.

Prior to the legendary controversy, Go Daddy’s market share was 16 percent. It jumped to 25 percent immediately following the censorship hullabaloo. The next year’s campaign boosted market share up to 32 percent and the company’s market share right now is an overwhelming 45 percent, putting Go Daddy at a level more than three times the size of its closest competitor.

Go Daddy has parlayed its reputation for pushing the advertising envelope by driving viewers to its Web site. Last year, during one of the most dramatic, down-to-the-wire Super Bowl games ever, more than a million visitors clicked on – before the game ended.

“We can’t afford not to do it,” Parsons quipped, referencing Go Daddy’s phenomenal track record.

With the economy hitting historic lows and the network setting record high broadcast ad rates, several long-time advertisers have faded away.

Given Go Daddy’s market-share growth, and success with driving visitors to its Web site, their own campaigns are tough acts to follow. As for what will make Go Daddy’s next Super Bowl special, all Parsons would reveal was, “We’ll do what you’ve come to expect. We’ll polarize people and we’ll have fun doing it!”

Parsons is planning to have fun with his employees even before the Super Bowl. Go Daddy is hosting its annual holiday bash at Chase Field. The company is flying its out-of-state employees and their guests in for the night. Live entertainment is on the party agenda and includes two legendary rock bands, an internationally renowned comedian, pyrotechnics, random cash drawings, plus gifts for every one of the near 4,000 guests.

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