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NameCheap to Use Twitter for Basic Support and Customer Feedback

December 22
17:48 2008

Host NewsLos Angeles, CA – NameCheap, a leader in domain registration and web hosting services, is launching its presence on the micro-blogging service Twitter by giving away $17,000 worth of domain names in the “NameCheap Twitter Trivia Challenge” ( NameCheap currently has several representatives monitoring the service, and plan to add more should the need require arise.

In the “NameCheap Twitter Trivia Challenge”, NameCheap asks a holiday trivia question every hour on the hour until Christmas using its Twitter feed. Other Twitter users can respond to the questions with the answer. Three are chosen to win free domains each hour and the three top trivia winners will win iPods. Thus far, NameCheap has amassed over 3300 Twitter followers participating.

“The contest is fun, but we intend to use tools like Twitter and Facebook to interact more directly with our customers. Our development staff is evaluating the Twitter API now to determine how we can use it to better keep our customers informed as well as get their valuable feedback for our service,” said Rick Kirkendall, NameCheap’s CEO.

Twitter allows people to interchange instant messages of 140 characters or less to all or just one of the people who subscribe to their message feed. NameCheap plans to use the service to post hosting updates, provides basic support functions, announcing new services, as well as giving coupons and great offers through it’s Twitter account. Customers can also ask basic questions about NameCheap’s service simply by sending out a Twitter message at NameCheap’s attention.

NameCheap is available on Twitter at

An ICANN accredited domain registrar ( founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall in Los Angeles, California. Millions of domains are registered at the site each year, making it one of the top five domain registers in the world. Each NameCheap domain and transfer comes with a free Comodo InstantSSL as well as free WhoIsGuard protection. Customer support is available via LiveChat, Twitter, or 24/7 via the NameCheap HelpDesk.

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