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Hivelocity launches new specials

December 03
18:23 2008

Host NewsTampa, FL – Dedicated server provider, Hivelocity™ has announced a new promotion that allows new customers to upgrade several aspects of their server purchase for one price. With a parody on male enhancement ads, Hivelocity has dubbed their new promotion as the Server Stud™.

The promotion allows you to make your server bigger, stronger and last longer. For $20 per month each new server will get double the ram (stronger), 10Mbps unmetered bandwidth (faster) and a 16-32MB cache raid specific server grade sata hard drive (last longer). Compared to standard pricing this promotion equates to a savings of up to $75 per month.

The Server Stud ™ upgrade promotion is available for every new server Hivelocity offers with the lone exception being their dual-six core xeon server which already includes 8GB ram and SAS hard drives.

“There are so many different options these days available for a new server. With all the new types of hard drives, memory, metered bandwidth, unmetered bandwidth and different nuances within each of those it can be downright confusing. Sometimes you just need to make it nice and easy for the consumer and say, for a little bit more we are going to upgrade everything and give you very good server at a very good price,” says Hivelocity General Manager, Steve Eschweiler.

Hivelocity continues to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. With a scantily clad woman on their specials page asking us to enhance each server ( Hivelocity is sure to create a stir.

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