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Environmentally friendly and low-cost Intel Atom 330 server launched at SiteGround

November 06
21:51 2008

Web Host News – SiteGround web hosting company announced the launch of the new dedicated server – Intel Atom 330. The company is the first shared web hosting provider to offer such a resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, powerful, and yet low cost server solution to its customers.

The new Intel Atom 330 server is a new energy-saving concept that was happily adopted by the SiteGround team. The machine is designed to be both nature-friendly and yet very powerful while keeping a very low price. It sharply reduces the energy consumption by 75% as compared to other servers with similar characteristics. It also uses the dual core technology that guarantees the better speed and response time of the server as compared to its low-cost competitors.

The SiteGround customers compare the Intel Atom 330 with the Pentium 4 that has been by now the company’s best-selling low-cost dedicated server and also an industry standard. The Intel Atom 330 has excelled as compared to the Pentium 4 in both features and price, and has already become the most preferred dedicated hosting solution at SiteGround.

“When we first heard about this server at SiteGround, we all loved it. The Intel Atom 330 gives us the chance to act in an environmentally responsible way without losing power or having to raise costs. It has a low voltage processor that saves so much energy and is yet so powerful”, says Tina Kesova, the Marketing Expert that was responsible for the launch of the new machine. “Our system administrators had run lots of tests to check its speed, durability, and the energy consumption levels. The results are impressive – the Intel Atom 330 has beaten any other server in its class we have ever used.”

Adopting so quickly this innovative server has once again set SiteGround as the web hosting company that actively upgrades its infrastructure to offer the latest and the best technologies to its customers.

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