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Business Hosting Provider LeaseWeb Doubles Bandwidth Hosting Network to 500 Gbps

November 13
17:58 2008

Web HostingAmsterdam – LeaseWeb, one of the world’s top-20 hosting providers, has more than doubled the capacity of its hosting network: from 210 Gbps to 500 Gbps, or half a Terabit! This doubling was necessary in order to facilitate the exponential growth in bandwidth demand from existing and new clients.

LeaseWeb expanded its capacity to 500 Gbps by purchasing additional port capacity from telecom carriers (transit) and Internet exchanges (peering). Since June 2008, actual bandwidth usage by LeaseWeb’s clients has increased from 100 to 240 Gigabits per second (Gbps). “October in particular showed a rapid increase in new clients and bandwidth usage,” says Pieter Dijkhuis, Finance Director of LeaseWeb. “In that respect, October was definitely not a recession month for us. We expect continued strong growth going forward.”

The available capacity of 500 Gbps is intentionally twice the actual use of bandwidth because of LeaseWeb’s ongoing commitment to providing quickly scalable hosting solutions. “Bandwidth availability is a key requirement for many clients to be able to expand their Web environment,” says Dijkhuis. “This is equally important as the available datacenter space and inventories of network and server equipment. Our proposition is designed to meet those requirements. We have ample space available in our CO2-neutral EvoSwitch datacenter, among other facilities, and we maintain large inventories of equipment for clients such as HP, Dell and Cisco.”

LeaseWeb’s hosting network bandwidth capacity of half a Terabit is exceptional. “I know of virtually no other hosting providers in Europe that have this amount of bandwidth in their networks,” says Bastiaan Spandaw, network architect at LeaseWeb. “LeaseWeb is one of the few hosting providers in Europe that have this much bandwidth available.”

The total capacity of LeaseWeb’s hosting network was already increased from 160 to 210 Gbps in late May 2008. And now another 290 Gbps have been added. “The extremely rapid growth of the past few months is not that surprising. If you have ample bandwidth capacity, you are bound to attract clients that use much bandwidth. And this makes our network grow even faster,” Spandaw continues.

The strong growth of LeaseWeb’s network is due to existing and new bulk users of bandwidth. These are clients who distribute their streaming audio and video data through the LeaseWeb network, such as (, the Danish company Octoshape (, product comparison site Twenga (, Garage TV from Belgium (, Turkish media giant Haber7 (, and the German broadcasting company WIGE Media AG.

LeaseWeb’s number of clients has also doubled since January 1, 2008. “Our client database has expanded to approximately 10,000 this year,” says Dijkhuis. “We are pleased with the trust that our clients have given us. Doubling the number of clients was also a logical step for us. Until last year, we primarily focused on developing a stable structure for our hosting network and our support organization. The current structure of our organization allows us to easily facilitate further growth. Growth is a key requirement for LeaseWeb to be able to maintain competitive prices and an attractive price-quality ratio.”

About LeaseWeb
LeaseWeb ( is an international provider of hosting solutions that is primarily geared towards the professional market. The company is among the top-20 hosting providers worldwide and its services include domain name registration, webhosting, dedicated servers, collocation, server virtualization, and streaming. LeaseWeb is the proprietor of a first-class network that offers a bandwidth of more than 500 Gbps, spanning four datacenters in the Amsterdam region by means of major telecom carriers. LeaseWeb is also present through Internet exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, New York, Vienna, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zurich, Prague, and Madrid. This way, LeaseWeb enables companies around the world to create and continue their online presence in a simple and affordable manner. Founded in 1997, LeaseWeb now manages more than 15,000 servers. LeaseWeb’s clients include Starbucks, Royal Joh. Enschedé, WIGE MEDIA AG,,, OGD,,, PricewaterhouseCoopers and

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