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R1Soft® Windows Continuous Data Protection® 2.0 Reaches New Markets, Changes Industry Paradigm with Stable Release

October 27
16:59 2008

Host NewsHOUSTON – R1Soft®, developer of Continuous Data Protection(R) software for Windows and Linux servers, announced today its Windows CDP 2.0 software is now stable and has been downloaded thousands of times since its beta release in August.

Windows CDP 2.0 is the first generally available release of Continuous Data Protection® for Windows. It sets a new bar for Windows data protection products, reducing backup windows from hours to minutes and protecting data with both file restores and image-based Bare-Metal Restore. The Windows CDP 2.0 Agent requires no special hardware and can be installed and configured in as little as 15 minutes. R1Soft’s software-based Continuous Data Protection® technology uses special device drivers and is able to outperform competing products with backups as often as every 15 minutes for the entire server.

“When it comes to Windows CDP, there are three types of products. The first type is replication-based CDP, such as CommVault and Falconstor. The second type offers near-Continuous backup protection, such as MS DPM and Symantec BackupExec. But only the third type offers true Continuous Protection, and that’s R1Soft,” said David Wartell, vice president of R1Soft, a division of BBS Technologies, Inc. “Users are telling us that replication-based CDP products are just too expensive and too complicated to deploy widely. The second type of products all rely on MS VSS for Shared Folders API and are very limited in scale and scope. For example, Symantec BackupExec and MS DPM both have a hard limit of 256 recovery points per DPM server and they can only provide near-Continuous protection for a subset of the server’s file system.”

The new Windows 2.0 CDP agent adds support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 2008 Servers. Its affordable price tag and low cost of deployment allow R1Soft customers to deploy it across all of their servers, leaving no server unprotected. The R1Soft CDP Server supports both Windows and Linux, allowing customers the freedom to choose operating systems when it comes to Windows data protection. Environments with both Windows and Linux platforms are easily managed through a single R1Soft backup interface.

For more information about R1Soft and Continuous Data Protection®, please visit or call 1-800-956-6198.

To learn more about R1Soft Windows 2.0 CDP agent, please visit

About R1Soft
Founded in 2003, R1Soft is a developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) software. Offering scalable and high-performance products, the company’s software has quickly been recognized by data center industry leaders as the standard for Windows and Linux server data protection.

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