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Leading IT Solutions Provider, Laurus Technologies, Partners with Perimeter eSecurity to Provide Clients with a Comprehensive Suite of On-demand IT Security Services

October 23
16:04 2008

Web Hosting NewsItasca, Ill. & Milford, Conn. – Laurus Technologies, a leading provider of business consulting and IT solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Perimeter eSecurity, the only provider of complete security on demand, to provide their customers a full suite of IT security services including unified threat management, firewall and hosted email. These services will supplement Laurus Technologies’ current consulting, security and compliance and systems integration services. The companies also announced today that they will be jointly holding a free webinar for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) on the topic of New Age Thieves: Five Ways to Stop Social Engineering Attacks to be held on Thursday, November 20th at 2 p.m. EST.

“Our clients are increasingly looking to us for help them navigate the complexity of security solutions for their applications,” said Laurus Technologies Partner Brian Wolfe, who heads its Security and Compliance Software group. “Working with Perimeter eSecurity enables us to focus on the security and compliance solutions and systems integration services that we excel at, while adding a fully compliant, layered security offering as a managed service. This partnership will help us better serve our customers by extending the breadth of our services and provide a one-stop-shop for customers who lack the bandwidth to work with multiple providers, tech support systems, portals and invoices.”

“For nearly a decade, Laurus Technologies has provided experienced engineering resources to help its clients work through highly complex technology solutions,” said Doug Howard, Chief Strategy Officer, Perimeter eSecurity. “The company has a loyal customer base that relies on the firm for ROI-based solutions for compliance, identity management, and role-based access. Perimeter’s comprehensive offering is a natural for professional services and business consulting firms such as Laurus Technologies. It empowers them to offer more than 50 pre-integrated IT security services along with secure hosted business email, email archiving and compliancy services.”

Companies Sponsor Webinar New Age Thieves: Five Ways to Stop Social Engineering Attacks
If you go to the video store and rent an old western, you might see a group of robbers barge into a bank, hold everyone up at gunpoint and demand money from the teller. Now that we’re in the 21st century, most thieves aren’t targeting your money – they want your private data. It’s not just banks either – all organizations have valuable customer information that could fetch top dollar on the black market. They pose as fire marshals and repair men and your employees are giving them full, unquestioned access to all of your vital systems. Some of them don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home as their bogus emails and fake phone calls fool your employees and customers into handing over names, addresses, account numbers, passwords, and social security numbers. Join host Kevin Prince, Chief Architect at Perimeter eSecurity, as he covers the top 5 ways you can prevent these attacks, saving your organization and customers from the aggravation of data and identi ty theft.

Topics to be covered in the webinar include:
• Most common ways data breaches occur in an organization
• The online thief – it’s not your customers’ problem, it’s yours
• Employees as your last line of defense
• 5 ways you can prevent online and in-person social engineering attacks

To register for this webinar to be held on Thursday, November 20th at 2 p.m. EST visit:

Laurus Technologies provides extreme value to their customers by bringing together deep subject matter expertise across a broad range of business and technology solutions, reducing complexity and associated risks. Laurus Technologies is the only company in the Midwest that has the breadth of solution combined with depth of technical expertise to provide a complete solution, encompassing business and technology consulting services, systems integration, business applications for Oracle and SAP deployments. Laurus has the capabilities to architect, implement, and integrate the supporting systems, storage, and security & compliance software infrastructure.

To effectively deal with the ever-changing and incredibly complex Internet “threatscape”, Perimeter has built a multi-layered network defense platform including 50 different IT security services that is designed to address all types of threats including those from malicious code, external intrusions, inside attacks and policy enforcement. Leveraging economies of scale much in the same way as a large corporation, Perimeter shares this infrastructure with many clients in order to provide a best of breed and regulatory-compliant defense for a flat monthly fee. The cornerstone of Perimeter’s service is a turnkey platform that includes all of the necessary components of a complete and comprehensive security solution, including best-of-breed technologies, a trained 24/7 security engineering team, and documented policies and procedures.

About Laurus Technologies
Laurus Technologies is an IT services and business consulting firm that leverages its expertise to identify and solve business challenges. The Laurus goal of a 100% referenceable customer base has made it one of the fastest growing solution providers in the US. From needs assessment through implementation, Laurus listens to client needs and collaborates with them to develop technology strategies that align with their business objectives. Laurus people are experts in managing the growing complexity of digital content and data, developing security & compliance solutions, and managing enterprise master data. No other company can match the combination of business knowledge, technical talent and strong focus on customer business objectives.

Based in the metropolitan Chicago area in Itasca, Ill., Laurus serves customers in the Midwest and beyond. For further information, please visit our website at

About Perimeter eSecurity
As the only provider of complete security on demand, Perimeter eSecurity makes security easily available and affordable for all businesses. Perimeter’s on demand security services protect thousands of computer networks nationwide, offering more than 50 different services on a subscription basis in the areas of: Vulnerability Defense, Intrusion Defense, Network Defense, Email Defense, System Defense, and User Defense. With the proliferation of security threats and technologies, clients benefit from a single-source provider that offers all services through one pre-integrated platform and web portal.

Perimeter’s security SaaS services are continuously expanded, enhanced and upgraded for current and future regulatory compliance. Perimeter offers a feature-rich email archiving tool set for streamlining regulatory compliance on demand to public and financial services companies subject to Federal Regulations. Through its top rated hosted, business email provider subsidiary, USA.NET, Perimeter provides custom, mission critical messaging infrastructure to organizations of all sizes. With nine geographically distributed technical offices and three redundant data centers, Perimeter’s services are always available and have been validated by multiple independent third parties. For more information about Perimeter visit

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