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Gearworx releases Coldfusion 8 Web Hosting

October 13
16:51 2008

Coldfusion NewsFremont, California – Gearworx announces the addition of ColdFusion 8 to their shared web hosting plans. Having offered ColdFusion hosting since 2002, Gearworx is among the few to offer full version of ColdFusion 8 for their shared and private label web hosting plans.

Adobe ColdFusion 8 is a handy way to create Internet applications. It provides solutions to the day-to-day challenges faced by developers, delivers rich and engaging application experiences for users, and integrates in complex enterprise environments with ease.

“We are pleased to offer the Coldfusion 8 to our customers on our dual platform shared and private label web hosting services,” said William Gregorian, CEO of Gearworx.

As one of the fastest and easiest ways to build and deploy powerful Internet applications, ColdFusion 8 adds new functionality for developers including printable web content, rich forms, and integrated, structured business reporting. Additionally, ColdFusion integrates with web services such as Java, .NET and SOAP. ColdFusion 8 provides developers with one of the most comprehensive frameworks when developing websites, web services and web applications. Some improvements include:

* Performance increases. Coldfusion 8 delivers performance improvements over previous releases of the product.
* .NET integration. With ColdFusion 8, you can specify any .NET object – either local or remote – and use it in your ColdFusion application, just like any Java or other object resource.
* Strong encryption libraries. ColdFusion 8 now includes RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries, which provide FIPs 140-certified strong encryption.
* Database interaction improvements. ColdFusion 8 provides a new DBINFO tag to programmatically access information about a data source, allows stored procedures and queries using CFQUERYPARAM to be cached, and much more. Plus, there is expanded database driver support with new options for SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, Sybase ASE15, MySQL 4 and 5, PostgreSQL 8, and others.

Gearworx offers a wide variety of Dual Platform shared, reseller and VPS plans. Individuals and businesses looking for a robust and flexible web hosting environment look to Gearworx for the most advanced tools and functionality. For further details on the Gearworx plans, please visit

About Gearworx
Since August 2001 Gearworx has been successfully providing managed and unmanaged hosting services. Our customer service and rock solid hosting platforms created our customer base and encouraged us to grow. Small business and personal websites soon became the norm at Gearworx as the consulting customers who were utilizing our services began to host their websites with us. We have not lost sight of what is most important to us, our customers! The team at Gearworx is focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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