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DemoWolf introduces 70% off Re-branding Service

October 09
16:03 2008

Host NewsNova Scotia, Canada – DemoWolf has just announced a new “70% off Re-branding” Service, available to all DemoWolf customers, AND all customers of any DemoWolf competitors.

Effective immediately, existing and past customers of DemoWolf can return to have their tutorials re-branded with a new logo for 70% off existing prices. In addition, hosting companies who have never purchased tutorials from DemoWolf, but perhaps purchased from another tutorial provider, are also eligible for this new service.

“We often have clients returning to us and asking us to provide them with the hosting tutorials they previously purchased, but re-branded with a new logo.” says Rob Moore, president of DemoWolf. “Although the reasons vary, usually it’s because the hosting company has changed their image or logo, and wants the branding in their flash tutorials to match their updated website or logo. Or it could be that the hosting company purchased another hosting company and wants the same tutorials for that new brand as well. Whatever the case, now when existing customers come back to us for the same tutorials they purchased in the past, they can now re-purchase them, at a 70% savings.

This re-branding effort does not stop with existing DemoWolf customers. In fact, any hosting company who previously purchased similar tutorials from any DemoWolf competitor can also take advantage of the new Re-branding Service. They simply have to show proof of the existing tutorials they already have. Then they will be able to buy similar but more up-to-date DemoWolf tutorials at 70% off. This replaces the existing “50% off trade-in” service DemoWolf had been offering up until now.

There is no expiry date on this new service. The 70% off Re-branding Service is new, and will be offered indefinitely.

DemoWolf is the largest producer of hosting support tutorials, now offering over 2,100 flash tutorials for hosting companies, including over 700 voice tutorials. For more information, you may contact DemoWolf by visiting their website at

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