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What do I look for in a web host?

September 18
16:37 2008

We are often asked by consumers, what should I look for when selecting a web host? They are often in luck, because FindMyHost, Inc. and its network launched back in January 2000 with its revolutionary web host ‘Approved Host’ testing program. You ask, what is this testing program? Well, in simple terms we take the leg work out of consumers search and worries if the web host is going to meet their expectations. That’s right, we play consumer and sign up for an account, go through all the normal steps you would and ensure what they promote meet a high standard within our industry. If a web host promotes 24×7 support, were on the phone at 3am.

The number one concern when testing a web hosting company is are they a viable business that can sustain the ups and downs of our industry and provide you with a quality product and service for years to come. You may ask, what does that mean? Well we’ve tested thousands of companies over the past eight years and seen our fair share of fly by companies (up one day down the next). As a consumer, this can be difficult to spot but our testing program is design to avoid these pitfalls.

With that in mind, be sure to search our network when selecting a web host and feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions.

For a full list of testing features we cover visit:

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