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Trans-iX B.V. Cuts Down Spam by Employing SpamExperts Professional Email Filtering

July 11
08:36 2016

Amsterdam – Dutch company Trans-iX B.V. has bolstered SpamExperts’ client pool by acquiring a subscription for both Incoming and Outgoing filtering services via the Local Cloud. As spam impacted network reputation, and increased server loads, Trans-iX decided to fight back by applying professional email security solutions. After SpamExperts was cued in, and the email filtering services were properly installed, spam was no longer an issue of concern. Network reputation wasn’t under fire anymore, and the company started recuperating lost time and resources.

“Everything is working accordingly and we are more than pleased with how the software functions – it hasn’t just fulfilled our expectations, it has exceeded them. We’ve even started offering it to more customers on the go. Installation was swift, and Support teams were super helpful all the way. We chose the Local Cloud solution because we want to keep everything in our own backyard, so to speak, and we got all the bang for our buck,” notes Diederik Wennekes, Trans-iX B.V. COO.

“We are very pleased to help our Dutch partner improve its network reputation by providing compelling email security solutions. Spam can provoke loads of damages and, as we all know, every business setback is crucial considering how competitive the Web Host industry is,” explains Sam Renkema, SpamExperts CEO.

About Trans-iX B.V.
Trans-iX B.V. is a Dutch company founded in the late 90s by two friends. With a clear mission, and set of clear-cut skills, the company quickly became one of the key players in the region. Now, with years of experience backing them up, Trans-iX B.V. is one of the to-go companies in the industry. For more information, please visit their official website at

About SpamExperts
SpamExperts solutions are tailored to (shared) web hosts, ISPS/Telcos and large organizations, as well as distributors and resellers. They offer inbound & outbound email filtering services, as well as email archiving. The services can run either within the redundant SpamExperts Hosted Cloud or on a Local Cloud directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware.

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