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ProXPN Is Making A Stand Against The Latest Move By Governments to Limit Online Browsing Liberties

September 06
12:07 2013

Web Hosting News – According to a report by The Express Tribune , the Minister of State of Information Technology Anusha Rehman was reported saying that the Pakistani government was looking to develop a software that would remove objectionable content from across the internet, to enable the ban on YouTube that is currently in place, to be removed.

The report went further to add that the Minister confirmed that the ban would only be lifted once all objectionable content on YouTube was removed, and that currently over 2,700 objectionable websites have already been blocked, she added.

ProXPN VPN is calling upon all citizens worldwide who feel their freedom of expression is being repressed to fight back by circumventing these restrictions. As a VPN service provider they offer a private internet subset exclusive to its users, which comes at no cost through connecting to the internet via a secure ProXPN VPN, where any user can access and enjoy a secure, exclusive and seamless online experience free from such alleged government intrusions.

ProXPN ensures that such government restrictions do not affect its users as it not only provides a secure internet connection but goes even further as the service allows the user to browse the internet anonymously without oversight, masking ones physical location allowing one to access any web service or website from anywhere in the world.

About proXPN:
Founded in 2009, proXPN is a leading VPN provider. Unlike other services they offer free accounts. Unlike the SaaS standard practice of time-based free trials, a proXPN free VPN account lasts for life and is limited only by connection speed. proXPN Premium account users enjoy unlimited connection speeds as well as advanced features such as PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard™, proXPN’s method of cutting all data transfer should the VPN connection fail, ensuring all data is encrypted during transmission even if there’s a system error. proXPN’s firm stance on the importance of individual privacy and security online mirrors public sentiment expressed during debates over SOPA and PIPA.

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