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Trade Shows, Conferences, Summits & Networking

Trade Shows, Conferences, Summits & Networking
January 10
13:54 2011


Wireless Symposium & WiExpo 12 January 14 January Savannah, Georgia
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 18 January Taiwan
DesignCon 18 January 3 February Santa Clara, CA
Social Networking Conference 19 January 21 January Miami, FL
WHIR Networking Event 20 January Los Angeles, CA
DOMAINfest 1 February 3 February Santa Monica, CA
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 1 February Thailand
Green Data Center Conference and Exhibition 1 February 3 February San Diego, CA
SmartGrid Conference 2 February 3 February Miami Beach, FL
VMware Partner Exchange 8 February 11 February Florida
SES Accelerator: Search & Social 10 February San Diego, CA
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 10 February India (Mumbai)
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 11 February India (New Delhi)
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 15 February Korea
Datacenter Dynamics 15 February Atlanta
WHIR Networking Event 17 February Dallas, TX
Data Centres 17 February 18 February Budapest
SES London 21 February 25 February London
Parallels Summit 22 February 24 February Orlando, FL
Enterprise Connect 22 February 2 March Orlando, FL
CIO Canada Summit 27 February 2 March Montreal, QC
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 1 March New Zealand
Domain Roundtable 1 March 4 March Bahamas
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 3 March Sydney
MVP Nation 3 March 4 March Seattle, WA
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 8 March Hong Kong
SMX 8 March 10 March San Jose, CA
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 9 March Malaysia
ad tech 9 March 10 March Sydney
WHIR Networking Event 10 March New York, NY
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 10 March China (Beijing)
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit 13 March 18 March San Francisco, CA
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 15 March Singapore
IDC’s Cloud For Business Conference 17 March China (Shanghai)
SES New York 21 March 25 March New York
Web Hosting Days 22 March 25 March Germany
AFCOM Data Center World 27 March 31 March Las Vegas, NV
Web 2.0 Expo 28 March 31 March San Francisco, CA
ad tech 30 March 31 March Melbourne
IT360 5 April Toronto
SMX 5 April 6 April Munich
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit 5 April 6 April Munchen
ad tech 11 April 13 April San Francisco
Datacentre Transformation Summit 12 April Amsterdam
IP Possibilities 12 April 14 April Kansas City, MO
SMX 14 April 16 April Sydney
eMetrics Marketing
Optimization Summit
14 April 16 April Sydney
eMetrics Marketing
Optimization Summit
26 April 29 April Toronto
ad tech 27 April 28 April India (New Delhi)
WHIR Networking Event 28 April Chicago, IL
SMX 28 April 29 April Toronto
Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 3 May 6 May Boston, MA
INTEROP 8 May 10 May Las Vegas, NV
UptimeInstitute Symposium 9 May 12 May Santa Clara, CA
DOMAINfest 13 May Ft. Lauderdale
SMX 16 May 17 May London
Future of Web Design 16 May 18 May London
WHIR Networking Event 19 May Toronto, ON
PHP TEK 24 May 27 May Chicago, IL
INTEROP 6 June 10 June Tokyo, Japan
SMX 6 June 7 June Paris
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit 6 June 7 June Paris
Cloud Expo 6 June 9 June New York, NY
SMX 7 June 8 June Seattle
ICSOB 8 June 10 June Belgium
WHIR Networking Event 16 June Atlanta, GA
ad tech 16 June 17 June Singapore
Hosting & Cloud Transformation 21 June 22 June London
Social Networking Conference 22 June 24 June Beverly Hills, CA
FOSE 19 July 21 July Washington D.C.
WHIR Networking Event 21 July Montreal, QC
HostingCon 8 August 10 August San Diego, CA
DOMAINfest 18 August New York, NY
SMX September Stockholm
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit September Stockhom
SMX 13 September 15 September New York
ad tech 21 September 22 September London
WHIR Networking Event 22 September Scottsdale, AZ
INTEROP 28 September 30 September Mumbai, India
Social Networking Conference 29 September 30 September Moscow, Russia
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit October Washington D.C.
INTEROP 3 October 7 October New York, NY
DOMAINfest 5 October 7 October Prague
TRAFFIC Domain Conference & Expo 16 October 19 October Fort Lauderdale, FL
WHIR Networking Event 20 October Washington DC
InnoTech Conference 20 October Austin, TX
ad tech 28 October 29 October Tokyo
SMX November Melbourne
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit November London
Gartner Symposium Itxpo 7 November 10 November France
WHIR Networking Event 10 November Houston, TX
Web 2.0 Expo New York, NY
Web 2.0 Summit San Francisco, CA
cPanel Conference
ColdFusion – Cfunited
ad tech New York, NY
Online Market World
Blog World New Media Expo

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