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PrimaCloud Breaks Cloud Computing Performance Barriers Using Xsigo Virtual I/O

September 04
15:03 2009

Web Hosting NewsMountain View, CA – PrimaCloud, a pioneering managed cloud and virtual IT services provider, announced today that it has deployed the Xsigo I/O Director as the foundation of its data center interconnect strategy. The Xsigo I/O Director enables PrimaCloud to break the barriers of I/O throughput seen in existing cloud computing offerings, allowing end customers to experience application performance levels that would previously have been achievable only in purpose-built private datacenters. Additionally, Xsigo’s virtual I/O infrastructure allows PrimaCloud to automatically provision cost-effective virtual private datacenters for its customers within minutes.

“Before we found Xsigo, we searched for a long time to find a solution that would allow us to provision high performance virtual private datacenters for our customers,” said David Durkee, CEO of PrimaCloud. “We looked at 10GigE and physical Infiniband interconnects and found they provided insufficient manageability and throughput to guarantee our customers the fast and reliable service we needed to compete with existing purpose-built data centers. With Xsigo’s high-speed 20Gb/sec connections to our servers, we can finally utilize the full I/O bandwidth capacity of our VMWare ESX clients.”

[swfobj src=”” width=”300/250″ class=”border: 1px solid grey;” align=”right”] With three years of experience providing cloud computing under the ENKI name, PrimaCloud management was seeing an increasing number of enterprise clients running database and transaction-intensive applications — such as Oracle — which required multi-gigabit connections to the vLAN and NAS storage to avoid I/O contention. In these applications the bandwidth required per virtual machine exceeded 3Gb/sec, which meant that a single cloud server running ten virtual machines required over 30Gb/sec total I/O bandwidth. Only Xsigo virtual I/O, with dual redundant 20Gb/sec I/O connections per server, provided the required performance. The Xsigo I/O Director’s low-latency bandwidth also serves to take maximum advantage of PrimaCloud’s SSD-cached NAS systems to delivery outstanding application throughput.

PrimaCloud’s automatically managed, hypervisor-agnostic cloud architecture requires a high level of automation to create and manage virtual private datacenters (VPDCs). The Xsigo I/O Director is able to automatically provision and manage virtual I/O and VLANs associated with virtual instances running VMWare ESX, Citrix, HyperV, and 3Tera’s AppLogic, under the control of PrimaCloud’s implementation of Enigmatec’s EMS, a cross-platform, policy-based automation engine. Using EMS to configure the I/O Director eliminates manual labor in managing VPDCs, as well as permitting automatic scaling of VPDCs to respond to changes in load, resulting in significant end-customer cost savings.

“Our customers expect to take a data center Visio diagram and make it real within minutes,” added Durkee. “We could not have done this without the rapid scalability and management flexibility that Xsigo enables. Virtual I/O allowed us to realize the ‘virtual’ part of the on-demand virtual private data center as well as provision only the resources the customer requests.”

Xsigo virtual I/O is a critical element of the reference datacenter architecture PrimaCloud uses to deliver on the promise of cloud computing: cost-effective, on-demand computing delivered on a pay-as-you-go-basis while meeting enterprise requirements for performance and uptime. The simplicity of deploying Xsigo Virtual I/O has enabled PrimaCloud’s reference architecture to be deployed in any one of its 65 datacenters worldwide for public, or hosted private cloud computing, as well as at customer sites.

About PrimaCloud
PrimaCloud is a California Limited Liability Company founded in 2006 with the vision of bringing enterprise-class Information Technology capabilities on an on-demand basis to growing companies seeking to gain maximum value from their IT expenditures. Founded by the former CIO of NetSuite, PrimaCloud offers fully managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing based on a variety of best-in-class technologies with the aim of providing fast and reliable service by independently virtualizing computing, networking, and storage to achieve uptime, performance and controllability rivaling that of proprietary datacenter architectures while retaining the traditional benefits of Cloud deployment such as scalability, on-demand billing, and hardware abstraction. PrimaCloud’s outsourced operations services complement its infrastructure by enabling customers to deploy and manage applications in the Cloud without hiring or training staff.

About Xsigo Systems
Xsigo Systems, Inc. is the technology leader in data center I/O virtualization, helping organizations reduce costs and improve business agility. The Xsigo VP780 I/O Director consolidates server connectivity with a solution that provides unprecedented management simplicity and interoperability with open standards. The privately held company is based in San Jose, CA and funded by Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, Greylock Partners, and North Bridge Venture Partners.

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